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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

We NEED You!

 Hello SStaRR Army!

2023 is the year we are beginning to level up our productions, but to do this, we need some help. New cameras, software, computers, websites, etc have been purchased. New models have been contacted. We are planning on monthly shoots from now on, and our April shoot is our largest thus far.

Kisa, Dahlia & Ambisious are all models who are new to grappling and pro-wrestling. Kisa has been shooting with us since 2020 and this will be Dahlia's 3rd shoot with our company. Ambisious is a new model from the Chicago area and we hope she will be an asset to Fantasy Fight World and continue shooting with us in the future. Logan is our newest Fantasy Fight Boy, but he is our first who doesn't have any professional wrestling training (he is an MMA fighter). Betty Battles is traveling in from out of state. Beyond and because of all of this, we are having a training session for the fight girls and boys on April 30th. The ladies are so excited that a couple of them are bringing friends to try it out, and Ms Dakkota Grey is coning just to brush up on her in the ring skills. So far, we have 7 women and 3 men confirmed for this training session. Our company is excited about this, as establishing a fun, safe, fantasy fight company is what we are all about! We hope to provide 3 of these training sessions to our fantasy fighters this year.
The training will be filmed. All participants are also going to be shooting new promo pictures in their fight gear.

For this shoot, we hope to have, at least, these matches take place:

Ambisious vs Betty -boxing ?
Ambisious vs Sybil -grappling, One sided
Ambisious vs Kisa -kickboxing?
Ambisious vs Dahlia -scissor/facesit exchange
Ambisious vs Conrad -scissor/facesit/feet
Logan vs CJ
Logan vs Conrad and CJ

So we are seeking sponsors.
will get you the training footage, promo pictures and 2 matches of your choice.

will get you training footage, promo pictures, your script considered for the match, and 5 matches of your choice. 

And we are still seeking scripts/custom videos for this shoot, 10 minute matches are $225.

Thank you for your support of our vision. We couldn't exist without our fans.
Sybil Starr


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