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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

August 25, 2005--Old Lost Blog

The Valley of the Sun

I landed in beautiful Phoenix on Friday morning. . with one tussle scheduled for lunch time and a photo shoot for that evening. . my sister, when I landed, was already on her way to get me. . .she got to there before my luggage! It was so great to see her. . . and instantly I remembered how we fit together, I could finish her sentences--we spoke the same language! And she looked beautiful, of course. . LOL! It was a kind of home coming. . .

Friday was great—I made a few new friends, had a great lunch time bout, swam in my sister’s pool, and got tied up!!!! The photo shoot was for and Rick is the nicest guy—and he ties a great knot! Afterwards my Sis took me out to Scotsdale to a bar called “Sugar Daddy’s”. .it was cool, the atmosphere was great and it was hopping. . and that huge full moon hanging overhead. . every bar there was like half indoor half outdoor. . .I sat out front with my sister and a friend she had brought along and sipped on my gin and juice, until I was passing out. . the time zone change made it very late for me. . even though it was only 10:30 PM there. . .

Saturday was another great day—I got to see an old friend. . LOL. . for Judo and Karate and made a found a new scissor slave. . . and I got tied up again. . . !! This time I got to spank a pretty girl, too! And to think, I got paid to do it!! Life is pretty sweet! Afterwards my sister took me out to her favorite bar—Four Peaks Brewery, where we met up with a bunch of her friends and drank a beer called Kilt lifter. . . oh Boy!!! When I started throwing things into other people’s drinks at other tables, my sister wisely decided it was time to head home!

Sunday. . . my day off to spend with my sissy. . We went out to breakfast. . where I had an avocado and crab omelet. . yummy! We got massages; we went up South Mountain so I could see all of wonderful Phoenix!

—by the time we woke up in the morning it would already be 90 degrees outside—I went during the hot season, where everyone tries to stay indoors, but I was loving that dry heat.. so different from this muggy place. . . things I learned in Phoenix. . .I don’t like Ethiopian food, Gatorade helps to keep you from dehydrating better than water, you can get good massages at a massage therapy school, and I need to ask more questions on the phone when a guy says he wants to fight me competitively. . but I will get into that one later. . LOL

And then we went to Frank and Lupe’s for dinner-I had Tamales. . and we were pretty wiped out after that. . we went home and went to bed!

I got a re-match of my lunch date on Friday—and we had another great time. . ! and then I had stupidly agreed to a competitive fight with a guy who was 190# and trained in hand to hand combat by the military—he had never fought a girl as small as me and had me in a hammer lock and a head lock when he sat and put his full weight on my rib cage. . until I heard pop pop pop near my sternum and felt great pain! The x-rays showed that nothing was broke and the doctor said I should be fine to fight that evening—just to make sure I iced my chest afterwards. . . just badly bruised. . . so I fought some more that night and passed out hard! My plane was leaving at 6:15 the next morning. .

That, in a nutshell, was my trip.. with Tuesday spent flying on two different planes with three different stops and three time zones. . . 6 hours of flying and lots of travel. . to get back home and pass out on my couch at 7:30 PM. . LOL

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