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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lia Labowe & Hell!

Summer is just starting to really heat up here in the midwest--but my aim is to making it SCORCHING!!!!

First--LIA LABOWE in competitive submission grappling!!
This is it. . the Tie Breaker between Lia and myself. . in our first match in November of 2005, I beat her. . then in September of 2006 we had our second submission grappling match for . and Lia won that one by one fall. . . . THIS MATCH WAS THE TIE BREAKER!!! Filmed in Hell, Michigan August 2007--we battle it out, barefoot and in bikinis. . . .

it is also available for download at my clipstore---

and check out my video store for my complete video library. . this month I have released three DVD's--Mixed Wrestling Session with Gia Primo, Competitve Submission Grappling at the WWC against Robin, and now another competitive match up!!!!

Now, talking about HELLLLLLL!!!! The time is ticking down. . we have less than two months until the big event!!! Sybil Starr Productions Hell Weekend!!! August 27th-30th!!!
Participants confirmed so far:
Devon (of Sleeper kids World):
Kordelia Devonshire (fetish model extrodinare!):
Jenn (you know her. . you love her. . returning to Hell. ):
Lady Victoria (returning to Hell!! By Bike. . of course!);
Van the Man (mixed wrestler boy)
and myself, Sybil Starr. . . .

We will be doing competitive fights, scripted custom matches, custom photos. . . and maybe even a live event in Hell!!!
But, in the meantime. . get those scripts in!!! We are only two months away from the hottest event of the year!!!
contact me directly regarding pricing and availability!!!
hmm. . what do you think of a Devon vs. Jenn match??????
Sponsorships are available.. . . .

have the best day ever!
Kisses and scissors,

p.s. come to my kissing booth for secret prizes. . . LOL

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