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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sybil Update

UGH. . I am so sore today!
I went from California, to Coldwater MI this last week. .The Mixed Martial Arts Camp this weekend was just amazing. . . and Dan Severn and his instructors really put us to the test. After 13 hours of training in 2 days I feel confident that I can take on just about anyone. . .LOL. . some of it was review, some was new, some was techniques I need to work on and drill, and I did, and some of it was just straight up conditioning. . . but my technique is definitely improved and I learned these things:
I can take a punch to the face better than most men. . LOL
I can work a bag longer and harder than most men. . . LOL
I can go out to the club until 2:30 in the morning with the boys and still train all day the next day. . LOL
I learn faster than most men. . LOL
I do not give up. . ever . . . failure will not overtake me if my determination to suceed is strong enough. . . strong enough. . strong enough. . .
Dan's wife and Mother-in-Law are good cooks. . .
Dan never stops being Dan, he is respectful, he doesn't swear, he is kind and encouraging, his attitude is generally positive. . but not just about fighting. . about life. . he tries to teach his students about how to suceed in life. . . He is truly a great man. There are just not a lot of people in this day and age you can look up to. . and TRUST. . but Dan is and always has been all natural (no steriods) He is kind and yet he takes a stand where he needs to. . and he is truly a great fighter. . so full of knowledge that sometimes when it pours out of him you just can't possibly learn it all in the time he has given you. . He is amazing and I am so proud to know him and count him amongst my blessings in this life. All in all, Camp was great. . .
and one of the guys in the class is a comic artist for Marvel. . check out his website:

The show last night was awesome. . . I got to wear a cute little dress and stripped stockings and put on glittery eyelashes and pink streaks in my hair. . after be a little roughneck, sweaty girl all weekend, it was a really nice change to go from being "one of the guys" to the hot girl "whole reffing show." LOL. . and I think The Old Timer Jeff King has a crush on me now. . he keeps asking for my phone number and to see if he can take me out sometime. . LOL

I am working on buying a house right now, so most of my day will be getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow and to see if I can can a bid put down on this place I really really like. . . . not an easy process right now. .

Then tomorrow. . TIPP CITY with Lady V
Wednesday, Indianapolis (Ahem, for all you boys who have been begging me to come back. . this is your chance!)
Thursday, Chicago with Gia. . and Just Chicago. . . then I am back in Michigan for a week. . .

I turned down a pro-mma fight for the 27th and I am still not sure what I want to do for the rest of the month. . .
I tell you this though. . NOVEMBER 24th. . HOOK N SHOOT. . . there will be two women's tournaments to decide who gets Bodog contracts. . .
I have also been approached by a sports agent about being managed by him. . . . .

It has been a very exciting month. . . and I am tired and sore, but I am not exhausted. . I feel like I am flying on Eagle's wings. . . I feel like I am soaring. .
I hate that the Tigers did not make the playoffs and that baseball is more or less over for me. . but now I can concentrate on my fighting. . LOL

This was a long update. . but I had a lot to say. .

Kisses and scissors,

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