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Thursday, July 30, 2020

VOD New Release FFGFAN Lia Suffers for SinD

Video of the Day

This ten minute match up is full of high drama!  SinD makes Lia suffer, but Lia never quits playing dirty to try to get the win.  The match starts out with some back and forth action, one girl in charge and then the other, until Lia makes a critical mistake that gets herself tangled up in the ring ropes and at SinD's mercy! though Lia is able to comeback and give SinD a stinkface and scissorhold, she is never able to hold on for long as SinD puts her in camel clutches and a standing surf board, until she catches Lia in a sleep hold. Lia panics and begs to be let out. . . .

SinD is victorious and stands over her defeated opponent.  Both ladies wear one piece suits, pantyhose and boots.

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