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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sybil Session Testimonial

Testimonial for Sybil Starr
If you are considering a session with Sybil Starr, I'm here to tell you that, for me, our sessions have been the greatest things in the universe.
We've boxed about eight times over the past year and a half, and Sybil easily has won each time.
Sybil made a DVD recording of our match last August, and watching it I learned several things. Up until then, I'd been rather pleased I'd at least been able to keep up with her for most of an hour-long fight (with breaks between "rounds"). But watching the DVD I saw in fact what happened was Sybil would punch me silly, calmly wait for me to recover, then hit me again …. She used me as her punching bag and I survived for a full hour only because she let me.
At one point our arms got tangled, so Sybil muscled me back against the wall, then smashed her right fist into my belly eight times in a row — I counted — and I was helpless to stop her. (She even gleefully narrated the action while she pounded me: "You're defenseless now.")
And I saw on the DVD Sybil truly had "clobbered" me, as she later boasted. It was a massacre.
So I devised a strategy for our most recent fight, a week ago. From the start, I moved in as fast and aggressively as possible. Sybil clearly was surprised, and I actually got in several punches to her head and midsection.
This, I very soon discovered, was an ill-conceived idea.
My actions merely permitted Sybil to not hold back as much as usual. Though she may have landed slightly fewer punches overall than usual, the many that did connect were extremely powerful. On at least three occasions, it felt as if her fist had disconnected my head from my neck. She's very skilled, very fast and very strong, and she must have knocked me down four or five times. My head still aches.
When it came to the last round — each round ending with a knockdown (Sybil knocking me out flat in each case) — she informed me she now was going to finish me off. Outfitted in a bright-colored bikini and boots, she held up her gloved fists and had that smile in her eyes.
My energy had run out. Hers had not.
Sybil proceeded to pound me with killer lefts and rights too fast and strong for me to block. I couldn't tell you if her final punch was a right cross, a left hook, an uppercut or what it was. But — POW — and there followed a couple moments when I wasn't aware of anything.
Next thing I knew, I was face down on the mat, out for the count. (Does that count as a KO?)
Once I'd stood up and we'd removed the gloves, I challenged her to a test of strength. I'm six inches taller than Sybil and outweigh her by 50 pounds — I should be able to defeat her at this and regain some dignity, right? She shrugged her shoulders, as if to say, OK, but you asked for it.
We locked hands and started.
Now, as you've read in other postings on this site, and as you can see by the images, Sybil is remarkably good looking. You also know she's not a large person. Yet within moments, to my surprise, she was forcing me down.
And I noticed all these … muscles — in her midsection, her shoulders, her noticeably defined biceps. Confidently and surely Sybil forced me down onto one knee. I couldn't believe she was actually beating me.
After only a few brief moments more, Sybil quickly manhandled me off balance and onto my back. She was on me in a flash, pinning me to the mat with her strong legs.
I struggled, but it was useless. Laughing, my opponent leaned back and, bare-fisted, punched my belly a half-dozen times.
Needless to say, I didn't get free until Sybil allowed it.
One moral of this story is, once again I was no match for Sybil.
The other moral is I intend to have more sessions with Sybil. And you should, too. You won't regret it.
— M.
P.S. Her DVDs are pretty hot, too.

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gutsy said...

Eight consecutive punches to the belly?...Damn...some guys have all the fun. ! ;-)