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Friday, October 26, 2007

Kisses and Scissors Update!

Today I have added another five minute clip to be downloaded and the whole photo set that the Sybil Starr group's main photo is from. . Sybil Vs. Gia in a Humiliation match. . . best two out of three falls with a humiliation visited upon the loser. . . . they are great pics. . .

so now, currently in the kisses and scissors group there are 2 membership galleries from the now defunct Sybil Starr membership site. . two humiliation matches (Sybil Vs Vanessa Harding and Sybil Vs Gia). . miscellaneous sexy pics. . .pics from the clip between Lia Labowe and Neko "Ballgown Bitchfight2" and two links to download clips from. . .
last week's was She loves to Squeeze with Monica Martin scissoring me and this week is "Eat my Feet" a leggy forced trampling, forced foot worship clip. . .

How do you get your kisses and scissors?
It is very simple. . stop by my virtual kissing booth!

you may donate any amount of money! And once the donation is received, you will get an invitation to all this content by way of your yahoo ID. . .

if you don't like paypal, I also have a moneybookers account and I take cash, money orders and checks. .
Sybil Starr

1416 S. Main St. Ste 220


Adrian, MI 49221
please include a note with your yahoo id and that the money is for kisses and scissors!

I am so excited to have a way to offer kisses and scissors for all my fans and friends!
-- Sybil Starr

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