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Friday, September 28, 2007

New Session Review

The anticipation of my session with Sybil was just about more than I could handle! This was my first mixed wrestling session, and I was quite nervous! When the day of the session arrived, and I met Sybil, I met an incredibly beautiful, extremely fit, energetic, and extremely pleasant gal! Sybil made me feel very comfortable, and at ease, or a least until we started our two hour session, at which she immediately took down to the mat my 225 frame in a fraction of a second! This after removing her T-shirt and sweats to reveal an incredibly beautiful body in a bikini! WOW!!! I nearly fainted at the sight of her! Over the next two hours, Sybil put me through the most intense physical contest, or more accurately, ass-kicking, that I have ever experienced!!! She executed powerful, flawless, surgically, and if she had desired, lethally precise scissor holds, figure 4s, camel-clutches, sleeper-holds, back-breakers (I think-felt like it), and many other moves I cannot even begin to understand! Sybil moves with lightening speed and precision, and her strength is incredible! I was at her complete mercy!!!

In addition, Sybil threw me against the wall twice and began a barrage of rapid, perfectly targeted, and amazingly powerful belly punches. The bruises on my mid-section took two weeks to heal, and I was sore for a week!!! I love it!!! Even after two hours of me not doing much of anything but serving as Sybil's work-out "dummy" and punching bag, and Sybil going non-stop the entire time, she was not even breathing heavy!!! Sybil is incredible, if not in super-human physical condition! Her thighs are lethal too, and nearly knocked me out several times!!! Would not want her mad at me!

Upon concluding our time together, Sybil was so incredibly gracious, and hugged me too!!! I might of hesitated a bit when she went to hug me because I was not sure if she was going to incapacitate me again! He He He!!! It was a very nice hug! If you want the most incredible experience of your life, with an incredibly beautiful, powerful, and extremely pleasant gal, I recommend Sybil Starr with 5 stars plus!!! Be warned though!!! You will see Sybil first and definitely stars second!!! LOL Contact Sybil to schedule your experience of of life-time today!!!!!
Session 9-15-07

you are awesome!!!

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gutsy said...

I like the belly punch part! Up against the wall, and WHAM!