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Monday, February 04, 2008

Sponsorship Packages for WWC!

Hello. . . some of you already know about this and were looking for ways to help me out. . so. . here we go!

Here’s the deal: I need your help to ensure I have successful trip to the WWC in San Diego from April 11-13. For those who attend the convention sponsorship packages are available directly from the WWC at this link: If you click on the Tickets icon you get the information on convention sponsorships, which essentially entitles a person for a $500 sponsorship to attend the convention and banquet and to sit at my table at the banquet. Same deal goes for the $1000 package, but you also get to have a session with me (if you dare) at the convention. I receive one-half of any convention sponsorship money received.

I realize only a few of you will be able to attend the convention, or that the cost of the sponsorships might be a bit too pricey for you. Therefore, I have devised some non-convention sponsorship packages to help defray my considerable costs that I must outlay for this trip to San Diego. I have to pay for a Vendor’s booth to sell my dvds and photos, and also air fare, hotel, rental car, and cost for a camera person to film any of my ring matches. I am definitely attending this convention and I am scheduled to fight Hurricane Havana as the main event in a 30-minute submissions match on Saturday. However, whether I attend any future conventions (next year’s is set to be in Las Vegas) depends on if I make enough money to make this convention worth my time and expenses. It is uncertain the number of persons who will attend the convention, and there is no way to know the number of session requests I will get, or whether I will sell any significant number of photos or dvds.

My match with Hurricane Havana should be a great one (did you see the first one? Holy Cow!), but the convention does not pay the participants for these ring matches and does not film them. It is up to the combatants to arrange to record any match for later sale by one or both of the participants. If I cannot afford a camera person to attend, my match against Hurricane Havana may go unrecorded by Sybil Starr Productions, and there is no guarantee Hurricane Havana will pay to videotape or release the match either. (especially if I kick her ass, as I hope).

Therefore, if you are able to do so, I hope you would consider purchasing one of the sponsor packages below. If none of them appeal to you, but if there is something else reasonable that you might suggest I could give you in trade for a sponsorship, email me privately ( to see if we can work something out. Lastly, if you cannot afford even the least expensive sponsor package, but still want to help support me, please feel free to send any amount you could afford to me. Do this at my kissing booth!
This way you will receive access to my secret yahoo group with lots of pictures and video clips to download as my way of saying “Thank you for all of your support!”

The sponsor packages available are as follows:

The Brass Package--$50

For a $50 Sponsorship contribution, one gets a copy of any of my dvds produced by Sybil Starr Productions and access to my kisses and scissors yahoo group!

The Silver Package--$100

For a $100 Sponsorship contribution, you get a dvd of your choosing from current Sybil Starr Productions and one new video that is filmed at the convention for Sybil Starr Productions and you will get it asap (pre-release), also get invited to join the scissors and kisses yahoo group. . .

The Gold Package--$200

For a $200 Sponsorship contribution, you get 2 dvds of your choosing from Sybil Starr Productions current video line, 2 dvd’s of videos filmed at the convention, and access to the scissors and kisses yahoo group.

The Platinum Package--$300

For a $300 Sponsorship contribution, you get 3 dvds of your choosing from Sybil Starr Productions current video line, 2 dvd’s of videos filmed at the convention, access to the scissors and kisses yahoo group, and an autographed photo of your choosing

There are many wrestlers and workers in this industry that I have wanted to film and work with who are attending this convention, and I am sure the videos that will come out of that weekend will be great!

I want to thank in advance any of my fans and friends who step forward to support my efforts at the WWC. I hope to make you all proud in any ring matches I will have. I am looking forward to attending. . but I can't do it on my own as the expenses would far outweigh any profit or experience I would hope to gain. . . Please help to make this a successful weekend. . . not just for me. . but for everyone involved. I am sure we all hope that this is the first of many anual conventions for women's wrestling!

Kisses and Scissors,

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