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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leaving Philly

well, Sybil Starr has left the building. . .almost

I head out of Philly shortly

It has been an awesome trip

I have wrestled so much that every muscle in my body aches

I have had so much fun that I was able to create a lifetime of memories in two days

A night with Jenn where we fought each other in next to nothing and then broke out a bottle of wine. .

A night in Atlantic City by limo and Billion being a RockStarr Queen, hanging out at the Borgata Casino, and eating at the Old Homestead, watching a live band at the Gypsy Bar, and winning at craps.

I guess I better head back to the middle of nowhere Michigan. . . a girl has to rest sometime. . LOL (when I die would be fine with me!!!)

kisses and scissors,


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