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Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Session Review

this is a comp session vs a man who currently weighs in at 235#

Sybil, I hope you enjoy this review...I could write a novel about how great the fights we have are, how loyal a friend you are, how it feels to submit you and be submitted....and how great it was to be with you once again...I hope your fans and friends enjoy my story. I enjoyed the ending...LOL
Until next time....I thank you and am grateful for you!!!
Sybil and I faced off on Thursday in her home wrestling space. We had both had a long week and were looking forward to seeing and tangling with each other again very much.
We set up in a much smaller space than usual. My eyes lit up because of (of course) the red bikini she wore at my request…and the fact that the smaller the space made it more difficult it is for Sybil to use her speed and leverage advantage. Little did I know that she had no plans to use cunning and deceptiveness…instead, she challenged me by her style to blunt an attack based on leverage, skill, and a surprising amount of pure brute strength.
Her compliments of my increased weight loss and physical fitness allowed me to get up the courage to wrestle bare-chested. Sweat alone allowed me to break a number of well placed holds…but as we battled that became an advantage for her as well…
When we knelt down we spoke no words, and the air was electric. We smiled and reached for each other, the pure joy of the fight to come showing on our faces and in our breathing. Slowly, we exchanged attempts to gain a clinch and ended up hand fighting for quite a few seconds. I enjoyed that immensely, because as we fought for advantage I could lean against her and drink in the feel of her body and the smell of her hair…her taut and fit shoulders and neck feel wonderful against my hands when I grasp her in a plum clinch…I sighed with pleasure but soon got down to business….
We worked to off-balance each other and even though we were very close together I could not push or sweep her off-balance. Slightly alarmed, I began to fight harder and push as well as pull…she surprised me by continuing to fight with leverage and strength instead of pulling away and using her speed to get around me and gain my back. (She told me her strategy later…to fight me with strength and straight on moves, to see how she could fare strength against strength. She did wonderfully...I had to use all my strength to win some falls)
Normally, she’s broken my control attempts and is flashing past me by the first few seconds of a clinch attempt of mine…but she continued to stay in front of me, blocking and countering my hold attempts wuth no smoke and mirrors and surprising force. She did not attempt to gain space and maneuver me around but seemed content to close with me and try to force me over backwards with leverage and muscle…my heart soared as we exchanged more grips and blocks for what seemed like minutes. She began to pull me forward and exert her will over my body…with a bit of desperation I reached up and finally managed to get a grip on her neck and I pulled her forward with a mighty jerk and finally began to sweep her toward the floor.
I tried to lock in a front chancery hold but when I grasped her chin to lock it in she changed the angle of her body and instead I got a lock around her lovely nose…she tapped immediately and forcefully and looked shocked for a second as she checked her nose for damage…I intended a true hold but gained that submission anyway…but I apologized for the nose hold and promised not to attempt that hold without more practice.
She smiled and said “You know, you’re supposed to submit me” but I said that I did not want to damage her or ruin her looks just to gain a hold. She told me not to worry and we locked in another clinch…again, I was pleased and amazed that she continued to kneel in front of me and grapple muscle against muscle, leverage against leverage, slowly in comparison to her speedy style…I expected to again gain an advantage but soon found myself pulled flat to the floor…she took advantage of the position she put me in to mount a forceful and damaging attack…she used elbows and knees, scissors to begin to wear me down and I felt the pattern of “..Sybil wins…” beginning to take shape again.
When I felt the power of her attack I was thrilled…and began to mount a comeback. She attacked and I countered, fighting to escape her moves and putting more effort into the battle than I ever thought I could. Her obvious interest in dominating me in a new, more powerful manner spurred me on to counter-attack, and I finally managed to power out of one her painful chinlocks and drag her down to the mat.
I wrapped my body around her and slowly, with her forceful resistance notwithstanding, gathered her into an attempt at a headlock. Breathing heavily and gasping with exertion I held her face down on the floor. She struggled and I could not keep her still…I did not really lock a good hold in… I merely held her down and refused to allow her to move…and she eventually tapped. When I told her I admired her pain tolerance she refused to accept it, saying “It did not hurt…you did not lock in the hold….I just couldn’t go anywhere”. Even though I did not flop on her I guess she could not move me…
Suddenly I realized that I was ahead 2-0 in falls…though we were only going to wrestle for a half-hour I had a glimmer of hope that I would win a match (for once)…LOL…
After wiping sweat from our bodies and grabbing a quick drink we started again. This time, she was unstoppable. She still did not “out-quick” me but had not yet swept me down or gained my back. Instead, she got me in a “judo gene labell” half nelson, sticking her knee into my solar plexus and wrapping my head in a vise-like grip. In matches before she would wear me down and then off-balance me out of this hold; but now she continued to punish me with that hold alone, ignoring (or maybe feeding off of) my grunts of pain…she dragged me to the floor and rolled me over, slamming an elbow into my back then pulling me up into a sitting position…she stood and climbed on me, locking a leg around my right arm and grasping my left arm with her left…she slowly, forcefully, separated my limbs and wearing me down…she moved quickly but with power, and I eventually became helpless in her grip…I thought I broke the grip by force but when I got my arm free she quickly re-captured it andpulled me down to the floor. I was amazed, as she inexorably pulled me, resisting every second, into a powerful bar on that arm.
I tried stupidly to break the arm bar and she twisted my arm further…as the pain increased and I realized I could not escape I finally tapped…
We fought fiercely in the next fall, more and more breathing heavily with extreme exertion… we were banging against each other, rolling across the floor back and forth, gasping for air as we squeezed, twisted, and beat on each others bodies. We grappled more quickly than we have in…maybe ever…she got an advantage and I would power or sweat-slip out….she eventually got behind me and wrapped her scissors around my ribs…she squeezed, not letting go, for what must have been twenty seconds….she hand-smothered me and then reached around my head for a chin lock… a sleeper attempt…another chin lock…and finally rolled me over again to the other side of the mats…she tried to lock me into a reverse headscissors…though her skin feels marvelous there is no give in the muscles that snake around your head and I quickly, desperately, fought and finally escaped. But soon she had me in another arm bar and…and…I could not tap.
You see, I have a habit of tapping with my left hand, as she usually attempts to bar my right arm. This time, she caught my left arm…I tried to tap with it but my arm could not move…I yelled “tap” and she let go…she laughed as I explained my little problem…then she realized we had a few minutes, and that we were tied in falls.
We knelt again and she smiled at me as she snaked an arm across my chest and soon had me with a knee in the belly…I thought I had her flat but she snaked away and dashed around behind me…she knows we are tied, I thought, and she quickly but calmly felt around for a way through the defense I put up against the rear naked choke I thought was coming. She had been trying to get it all match…but only by force, not by cunning. Each time I grasped her hands or arms to break the hold I was excited, and a little scared, by her muscular strength…I realized that instead of using a number of parasitic holds as usual, she was in the mood to try to beat me with straight technique and strength…she was willing to give me a chance to defeat her because she was working against her best moves and daring to try to beat me at her own game/ I was so proud and happy that I could have burst...and i responded by trying some new attack and escape moves that she had taught me over the last fewmonths....
She caught me in move after move but between being slick with sweat and desperate to not be overpowered, I escaped each time. She got her legs around me and squeezed…tried to get a choke and almost did…squeezed again and tried another choke…she switched the move to a chin lock attempt but I locked my chin down and she could not get it…I felt her right forearm wrap around the side of my head and the tell-tale pressure of her elbow on my clavicle…as she began to lock her left arm across my neck to lock in a sleeper I grasped her wrist and the last second and blocked…we had been loudly breathing heavily and gasping with effort and pain for the last three falls…she lowered herself on top of me and began to force me down, slowly but inexorably, with what I think was a body nelson…but I turned my shoulders and her effort caused her to slide over me, landing with a heavy thud in front of me…I saw my chance and took it!
I slid on top of her. She fought me every second…but I forced my shoulder on top of her and my bicep around her head…she struggled to escape but my grip was too strong…I leaned heavily on her face with my shoulder… and she rewarded me with a reluctant tap…”We’re done” she said with a touch of unhappiness…she knew I had finally won.
If we had gone for an hour I am sure she would have eventually worn me down and submitted me to arm bars and her Starr-Gazer sleeper…but for this one time I was the victor. I hope next time to have improved my cardio and practice my new holds enough to dare to go an hour...we'll see...
After the fight, totally relaxed, we lay down side by side…until our bodies cooled we listened to her music and whispered compliments and chatted…I was joyous not just because I had won but because we both fought hard and enjoyed each other.
She told me later as we sipped some tea that she had purposefully fought me using “all this strength that people tell me I have…” she flexed for me and her biceps, though still proportionate and lovely, are quite firm and strong. She gave me a battle, and only lost because I over powered her enough to keep her down…
My chin and neck could have told her that she was stronger…my arms were exhausted from our fierce grappling…but my heart was full of satisfaction from our fighting and our visit…thank you, Sybil, for a marvelous battle and supreme friendship!
Postscript: I wrote this earlier today. My arms still ache and my ribs are sore from where she wrapped her legs around me...but I would not trade it for anything

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