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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hot Hot Hot Valentine's and Catfights!

Oh, yeah. . you know I like it all to be hot. . . and it is too fricking cold in Michigan right now!!!

So, on my mission to heat things up I present two options for you!

First, as my gift and treat to you all. . . it is time to release Neko Vs.Jenn. . a full competitive submission catfight.The preview clip is available to download today!

Competitive Catfight/Submission Grappling Match!

Jenn, a shapely brunette,5'1" 130# and Neko, a fiery dread-locked vixen, 5'7" 145#, go at it and both want to win at all costs! Hair pulling, slapping and wedgies are all legal! This is a hot fight between two fierce competitors who will not quit! There is sweat glistening on their bodies, the grunts of anguish and defeat, and all while the girls wear small bikini's! This was a sponsored match in Hell,MI. . if you missed being a sponsor, the time is finally here for you to own this match up!

One reviewer of this match said: "I really did enjoy the match and thought it was quite good. The contrast in skin tones, body type, height and hair color made it very visually appealing and there was really good action in the fight with little wasted motion by either woman. It really was one of the better matches I have seen in a long time. . . . " and I totally agree. .

The full video will be available this weekend.

. .and the second option

is the Third Annual Sybil Starr Valentine's Contest!!!

How does it work? It is pretty simple actually, all you have to do to enter is to send a Valentine to me at:

Sybil Starr

1416 S. Main St. Ste 220#328

Adrian, MI 49221

and you are entered!

What are the prizes?

Everyone who enters will win!

All entries will receive a personal Valentine back from me. .

And there are weekly prizes which will be drawn on the 7th and the 14th, the winner's of these drawing will receive two free videos of their choice from Sybil Starr Productions: there are over 60 videos to choose from!

The Grand Valentine's champ will receive 2 free videos, a special Valentine and an half an hour free session or a 30 minute custom video! Get those Valentine's out in the mail!!!

Kisses and scissors,


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