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Monday, January 14, 2008

Fantasy Role-Play Session Review by VTM

Ok i'm a Van who rarely wrestles and tells but rather then face the harsh consequences of not telling about my session today i will gladly do so. So here we go..... My session began with me tring to take a few toys from the Dungeon of the Chicago Mistresses. Ya know i thought i might take a whip or 2 home with me as souvenier. Big mistake! Just as i was about to slip away with the goods bursting through the door came the newest edition to the CM staff Sybil Starr. I knew it was trouble and it was! POW, BAM, WHAP and a JUDO FLIP. I was down and rarely got up again. I was then put through so many holds i can hardly remember them all. I'm sure my Van screams were heard by the other Mistresses as there was just nothing i could do to stop this strawberry blonde hottie from teaching me crime doesn't pay. (Well actually it pays sometimes:) LOL I tried every sneaky VTM trick in the book but nothing seemed to work. Eventually all i could do was curl up in a little ball and feel my Vanhood being taken away from me. Sybil had me and submitting was my only option and that's what i did! Well what can i say sometimes a Van's gotta do what Van's gotta do! :) What an awesome time and i can hardly wait for my next adventure with a true wrestling Starr...VTM

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