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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ss Update

here on the good ship lollipop. . things are. . well. . . busy. . but good.. .

I am sitting in my new place. . just got my bed set up (dropped part of theframe on my big toe and now it is all black and blue.. .OW!)
The papers get signed today. . and the loan gets funded on Friday. . so I will be half closed today. . LOL. . and completely closed on this property by Friday. . .

My Grandmother is home but not doing great. . .she has a way to go. . . will probably be staying with my parents through to the end of the month. .

I head to warmer places next week. . . a real vacation where I cannot access either my phone or the internet! Paradise Island. . . . . and more. . I am so excited. . and boy, do I need a vacation. . . I bet everyone feels thatway right now!

Dreams come ture. . if you just keep dreaming and never never never never never never give up.

Lady Victoria and I had a blast on the East Coast. .it was so good to have such a great friend to travel with. . she has a heart of gold. . . and we had some good fun. . and left a wake of broken bodies behind us. . . LOL in celebration. . check out my new video. . .
it is also available for download at my clipsforsale store:

Also. . the Sybil Starr Christmas card is now out! LOL

just send me a Christmas Card and get one back from me!
Sybil Starr
1416 S. Main St. Ste 220
Adrian, MI 49221

more soon! Kisses and Scissors!

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