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Friday, September 07, 2007

New Wrestling Session review

How does a 122 lb. woman make a 180 lb. man submit over and over again? With surprsing strength, gymnastic agility, technical savvy and endless energy, that's how.I recently had a wrestling session with my new friend, Sybil Starr who kicked my ass all over the mats. I came away amazed at how good this pretty red head can fight. My arms and back ached for two days afterward.I was impressed with Sybil from the start. Her easy manner and intelligence made conversation easy and her demeanor suggested she was ready to try anything, (in fighting, that is).We began with some arm wrestling. She has small but wiry arms and her strength surprised me nearly as much as her bone-crunching headlock takedowns. I had to break a sweat to beat her right arm and we struggled for minutes before she pinned my left. I couldn't believe the incredible her small, finely toned arms possessed. I was about to find out how strong her lithe legs were as well.We began wrestling on our knees and she had me tapping out with a sleeper and body scissors within two minutes. I was trying as hard as I could to get her down and keep her there but it was like trying to pin a wildcat. She kept getting me into excrutiating head or body scissors that had me tapping quickly once she cranked on the pressure. She kept a steady stream of freindly taunting as she mopped the mat with me.I tried a sneak attaack and surprised her, jumping her when she wasn't ready. She quickly got me off of her and was on top within a half minute, squeezing my face between her powerful thighs. I couldn't trap her now matter how hard we rumbled. Grunting and sweating we tumbled across the mats, her continuously coming out on top and me tapping out when she was ready to end it.Once, she let me sit on her stomcacah and pin her arms down. We struggled for several minutes, me trying all I could to keep her pinned but she trapped me head in a reverse headlock and managed to toss me off of her. Once she got on top, she had me tapping in seconds.Sybil whupped me about twenty straight falls. It was an extemely enjoyable session and I HIGHLT recommend Sybil for a wrestling session. Only be ready to get your ass kicked by a skinny li'l gal!

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