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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Living like a STARR!

What a week! Three ball parks, three states, lots of wrestling, back to training, limo rides and rockabilly mansions. . . .

Last Monday I snuck into Chicago and attended a Cubs game. . . I love Wrigley Field. . . the Cubs and Zambrano didn't do so well. . . . and then I headed back to Michigan for a day and a half to wrestle a boy, train at the Michigan Sports camp, get videos out in the mail, try to answer some e-mails and then pack up (oh yeah, and get some new tires for my car. . I put so many miles on the starr carr!! Since I bought it last October I have put 36,000 miles on her) and head down to Cincinnati. .

In Cincinnati I gave myself a night out. . . a good friend had given me tickets to the Reds/Brewers game for Friday. . what great seats! Parallel with the pitcher, 20 rows up on the third baseline! I managed to sell my extras to some Tigers fans, too!

I started my night with some great Italian food over in Newport, KY, just a bridge's walk from the Great American Ballpark! I ate at great food and wine! And then I made my way (um by way of an Irish pub) to the ballpark. . it was a fantastic game with the Reds beating the Brewers and Jr hitting his 593rd homerun.

Afterwards, I headed back to Newport, KY and found the Irish pub again. . and then as I wandered in search of a friendly taxi to take me back to my hotel I found a rockabilly house. . . . there was a guy dressed up liek Elvis singing Johnny cash. . I was hooked. . . gosh only knows what time it was when I got a taxi back. . and I don't remember the ride. . I just hope I paid the guy. .
I woke up Saturday morning stupid. . I drank myself stupid! LOL. . but what a great time. . so good, I haven't touched a drop since. . why? I already had an almost perfect night!

Saturday I headed to my good friend Lady Victoria's house. . I had a 10 minute pro-style match with Rockstar Ronnie Jonah and a ten minute pro-style match with Lexi Lane. . . great gals. . . and then we piled into a white stretch limo in the pouring rain to make our way to Lima for a GWA show. . . it was Ronnie and Bobcat and Lady V vs Josie, Lexi and I. . . . Lady V wins again. . . with a nasty slam on Lexi. . . I met the great Pat Tanaka there. . one half of the Orient Express: . it was a great show with many friends there and lots of great wrestling.

Sunday was busy for me. . . 9-12 was a match with a guy who is much bigger than I. . but not very flexible. . LOL. . it was lots of fun. . and then I worked on three videos for Lady V and finished my evening when Nicole Tiger Strength got there around 10 pm and she and I were to do a competitive match. The only stipulation our sponsor had was that she was not allowed to scissor and I was not allowed any striking or joint locks. It was a hell of a match, she weighed in at 215# and I weighed in at 118#. It was amazing. . . she got me three times. . and I got her something like 8 submissions in our time limit. . .she is an awesome gal and I would do it again any time. I made it back to Adrian at 2:30 in the am. Sore as all get out. I am still bruised and sore today!

But I had to get back! The Tigers were waiting for me that night! I headed to Comerica park where I got to see and amazing win over the Blue Jays! It has been a great week. . and this month is almost halfway over and I have no clue where it went.
It was an honor to hang out and work at Lady V's again. . Angel Williams, Josie, Bobcat, Hellena Hevenly, Ronnie, Lexi. . and our faithful friends Carol and Megunz. . . I am so blessed to know these crazy gals and so blessed to live the life I do. . .
I admit. . it is not always easy. . but man, WHAT A PAYOFF!
kisses and scissors,

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