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Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Recent Adventures!!

Gosh, where do I start this. . .
I am used to being so concise but so much has happened in the past 6

ok, i will start with Tampa. . .how I love Tampa. . how I would love to live
in Tampa. . LOL. . in the midst of training for my big fight at the end of
March, I took three days off to fly down to Tampa and see two Tigers Spring
Training games. . . I should have had some inkling to how the season was
going to start in Detroit, as the Friday I sat in Lakeland Florida in 80+
degree weather and got sunburnt and pooped on by seagulls, they lost. . but
I had a wonderful time. . the tension inside of me unraveling. . texting
with my friends during the game so I was never really alone (though the lady
at the rental car place was incredulous when she found out I was traveling
on my own, and I simply said, "Less Hassles.") I had some fun sessions that
night, and then the next day I headed to Jill Lauren's new home to do a
custom video with her. . . I really love that girl and feel like we have
such good chemistry together. . then I was off to Clearwater, FL to watch
the Tigers play the Phillies. . I had excellent tickets, in between home
plate the 1st base (Tigers side) side dugout. . 8 rows up. . I was close
enough to smell Magglio (wow, I so sound like a stalker. . LOL). . the game
got rained out in the 4th inning. . so I sent a text out to the Beast, Dan
Severn, who had already told me earlier in the week that he would also be in
Tampa this same weekend. . and he called me back and asked if I would like
to go to the fights at the Sundome that night. . LOL. . Hell Yes, I
replied!!! Have I told you lately how blessed I am?

So, fight night at the dome, and Dan Severn is doing commentary on the
fights and also giving away an award for coaching wrestling. . so I end up
with VIP access to World Fighting League. . so cool. . I
am on the floor next to the cage with celebrities and strippers. . and I am
chuckling the whole time. . a table of guys starts buying me drinks and man
what great fights. . what a night. . . I was in bed by 11 though.. I am an
old lady who needs her rest.. . . LOL. . . and if I went out at that time, I
would have partied all night. . . and it would have been very hard to catch
my flight home in the morning. . . .

Next we have my fight, Hook N Shoot, Evansville, IN- wow and . . UGH. . .
. what can I tell you about this? Let's start with some honesty. .fighting
is not my whole life, and MMA fighting is not my "career" what it is, to me,
is a hell of a time. . a way to test myself. . a challenge, an adrenaline
rush. . a reason to train and get my self back together again. .. I love
fighting in all forms. . . I love running, too. . . and rollerskating. .
LOL. . it was a hell of a fight, going the distance and I think, in the
third round, I finally found myself again. . you may not understand this
statement, but those of you who have been close to me understand what I had
been going though. . some rather tough times . . and in the third round
Andrea is pounding me and I just want it to end, I am so tired of her
beating me. .and suddenly, from deep inside wells up the fighter. . the girl
who never gives up. . and she screamed "NO." That girl, that fighter, found
her voice again. . I hate that it took so much for me to finally find myself
again. . but I feel like me again. . . and as I stated in a posting to my
group "She knocked some sense into me." Andrea herself is totally my kind
of girl. . . fierce yet sweet, and pretty to boot. . we bonded almost right
away. . and she was so much bigger and stronger than me. . I was like a
helpless kitten in that match, and all my trainers have insisted that I
fight at #115 from now on. . . and in watching the video. . UGH. . I know
they are right. . I had a black eye the next day and bruising around the
sides of my face. .it hurt to smile or eat. . but I felt really good, too. .
though, on the 7 hour drive home, I had wished that there was someone there
waiting for me, to just hold me for a bit and tell me they were proud of me.
. and maybe I don't have that. . but what I do have is a thousand friends
and fans who sent me gifts, flowers, e-mails and texts that made me feel
like a queen. . sometimes I don;t know how I would go on without all of the
people who support me on a daily basis. . . I cannot say what you mean to
me. . how you fill me up inside, strengthen me. . and make my life so
wonderful. . I hope I give that back to each of you. . . and the fight as
available for download at my clips store. . .

At this point, I had ten days to get ready for the Women's Wrestling
Convention in San Diego and also to try to catch up from my very busy
March., . .oh yeah, and Baseball season began. . . I have been to three
games so far this year. . and the Tigers did manage to win one of those. .
LOL. . I knew going in that Sabrina (Hurricane Havana) was not going to
fight me. . but I just wanted to have enough good matches that my sponsors
would be happy when they got the videos. .I knew I did not want to do a
bunch of sessions at the convention, I wanted to fight in the ring and meet
the fans. . . I also wanted to enjoy San Diego, time with my friends and to
get to know Robin better (as I think she is so wonderful. . . ) This was a
classy event, the organizer, Jackpin, is a passionate man with a big heart
and a vision similiar to my own for this industry. . i really enjoyed him,
meeting him in person and just being at the convention. .

At the banquet on Friday night I meet many fans and old friends, but I also
met many people I had been a fan of myself or just had been wanting to meet
for quite a while. . I may have even kissed a girl. or two.. . . LOL. . and
I do believe I won that game of grab ass. . . LOL. . no matter what Katrina
said. . . to see Theo from, Greece! and Neko and Clayton. . Pete And D,
Christie Ricci, Robin, Earl Bob, and to meet so many new people. . including
Krissy, who as soon as we met in person took us over to the table to sign up
for our match the next day. . she probably took one look at little old me
and thought I would be easy. . but it wasn't for either of us. . we had a
hell of a match. . Katrina Rosebud (a relative newcomer to the industry) and
I started out the convention in the Am with a old school give and take style
of match where I let her win. . LOL. . it is fun to play the jobber
occasionally. . . and then I had two more comp matches that day, one with
Robin and one with Krissy. . they were both highly enjoyed by many and I
know one of them got a standing ovation. . but I rarely remember my fights.
. it is so zen to just be in the clench. . comepletely in the moment. . . I
love to wrestle. .
I even managed to work for Sleeperkid when I was there. . . all in all a
great time. . I did not stick around for Sunday and my crew and I needed to
get home. . I had concert tickets for Monday night. . .LOL. . and baseball
tickets for Tuesday night. . and it is a about a whole day of travel to get
home from there. . . but I big part of me wished I had more time there. .
.one reason is because I found Throwdown gym, San Diego and met Dean Lister
who teaches there and I want an opportunity to train with him. . and another
well, let's just say there is more of San Diego I haven't seen yet. . . and
I want to. . .

Home for two days. . and then I was off to Georgia to work for
. I can never say enough about this organization. . I love working for
them. . and seeing my girl Jenn and spending time with her and Robin. .
well. . it was amazing. . . we drank quite a bit of wine. . and we may have
fought a bit, too. . . LOL

The matches from WWC are available through me all on one DVD for $50.(just
e-mail me directly at .and on this Tuesday they will
be put up for download on my clipsforsale store. . . . . .
but if you would like DVD's now of each individual match, you can find those
through femfight videos. . . .

I am very blessed. . . I hope you feel the same. .
kisses and scissors,

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