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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Poem from a Friend/Fan

The Warrior Queen of Tussle:

“There is a story to be told…of a legend that will unfold.”

A warrior queen who lived for the physical contest and its struggle,
Chose not to scuffle but to make an art form…the tussle.

She possesses the combative spirit, but is it masking a juggle?
When her heart leads the fight against those with more muscle.

Is the loss of a contest in the arena of life, the inner spirits quest for a snuggle?
Can this be long endured through your tenuous bustle?

Is her Starr shine quality…a silent tussle, something she must smuggle?
Or is it a warrior’s complex web of unconditional and unselfish hustle.

Her giving and valiant spirit of tussle should be a celebration not another struggle.
Our warrior’s triumphant combat in both body and mind, is time again softened by her silken rustle.

For the legend of our warrior queen to truly unfold she must glean from the past, not from those critical timid souls, so that this intimate story can be fully told!

1 comment:

poetbytrade said...

You or your friend should stick to wrestling as this is like something a 3rd grader would write. Leave poetry for those that have been educated.