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Thursday, July 23, 2020

VOD 7-23-2020 FREE Blood Wars 2!

Video of the Day

1-I keep apologizing because I expect more of myself- but Ive gotten into a bit of a funk since my kitty of almost 19 years, Princess Kung FuFu crossed the rainbow bridge this month.
but, all the same, I am sorry if I haven't been around much or updated the websites much these past couple of weeks.

2-And you all still supported my company. I just checked my sales reports for the month and I am once again blown away and grateful.

3- So I want to give everyone a free download

4- and this one was banned from Clips4sale for having "blood." So for the next 24 hours, you can download it for free!!! you can't find it anywhere else currently!

FFGFAN Blood Wars 2
Filmed in 2014
Sybil and Dakkota are on a vendetta against each other. Wearing bikinis and wrestling for all they are worth- they have a war!! Cat fighting with many wrestling holds- especially the figure four scissors around the head! Hair pulling, taunting and humiliation! This video is full of non- stop action.

DOWNLOAD IT for the next 24 hours for free:

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