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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fantasy Face Sitting? Competitive Pins and Submissions? Mixed Kick Boxing?

 New updates from

FFGFAN213 Facesitting Match 3: SinD vs Sybil
Sybil and SinD are having a facesit pins match, and Sybil is relentless in her domination of gorgeous SinD! The girls are barefoot and in bikinis and Sybil holds her down and makes her say that Sybil is the better wrestler, but still proceeds to smother her out! 19 minutes, $16

FFGMIX245 Karen Kick Boxes
Karen shows off her amazing kickfighting skills. This one includes a few awesome face kicks and some excellent foot-in-the-face tramples. Karen is at her kicking best. From FOOTBOXER

 RUFF002 Iridal vs Safa Pins and submissions wrestling. Either counts in this ten minute fully competitive match! Iridal Loveland vs Safa Warda. 12 minutes long with pre and post interviews.$10

and also a new $1 bin video


Hollywood Does Not . . Hollywood finds out that the promotion she was up for at work is given to Sybil Starr, and Sybil informs her that she will have to make her coffee everyday, clean her desk and kiss her shoes! Hollywould does not go in for this type of treatment at all!!! She decides that she will get that promotion by beating down Sybil and making her give up the promotion she was given. Hollywould, scissors, punches, applies figure fours, belly punches, and applies other various wrestling holds on Sybil in this one sided beat down. Poor Sybil ends up crying, defeated and humiliated! 30 minutes, now $1

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