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Monday, February 04, 2013 new releases for Feb 4, 2013 New Video Releases for Feb 4 2013 FFGFAN168 Talking Trash

Veronica can't help talking trash, and her roommate, Dakkota, is getting fed up with it! Finally she decides to teach Veronica a lesson in pain! Scissorsholds and catfighting! 6 minutes, $6 

FFGFAN169 Victoria's Album of Shame

  Sybil Starr has come to save the day! She wears a high cut green leotard, gauntlets, shiny tights & boots to do battle against the self sanctioned "Black Widow" Lady Victoria. Victoria is a nasty wrestler known for her evil tactics and humiliating her opponents by beating them and then taking their leotards as a prize, and while these girls strip in front of her, she takes pictures to add to her "Album of Shame." Sybil has challenged her in order to win back all the leotards and pictures, but can she win this match?  Or will Sybil become subject to the Album of Shame? 38 minutes

FFGMIX218 Veronica Discovers Scissors

 Veronica is taught the scissorhold as an exercise technique in her aerobics class. . and she hurries home to share it with her boyfriend, who can't stand the pain she seems to enjoy putting him in! 10 minutes

FFGMIX219 BallBust POV

 Sybil Starr in a gi top with bare legs practices her ball busting self defense. This is filmed from her point of view and also the point of view of her victim. Barefoot, bare legged low blow domination. 6 minutes

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