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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Song of Surrender

Song of Surrender
Hold me close--
for a night as pure as this
May never return. Stay with me awhile--
For in this birth
Our paths may not cross again.

So what if this tryst
has no tomorrow.
The dreaded guest is at the door.
When his work is done
I will have drawn my last breath.

Why try to reason
what is beyond reason?
You bestow upon me more
Than I'm seeking. What little I give
I lavish upon your yearning.

If this will fill
our begging bowls
Why should laws, oaths, hold us back?
Stretch your arm and take my hand.
History has already written us.

Saleem Peeradina


Les Berkley said...

Hey, Sybil. You're a dream. Keep the faith, okay and hang in there?

Raivo Parras said...

Sooner or later/ eventually dream will end
Sooner or later/ you’re waking up and start again
How was in the yesterday/ so hard to believe in today
What you thought was the light/ is today just an reflection

Hoping and fearing/ that how far you might have gone
Drifting and struggling/ within quickening stream
So far from shore/ so far from where you came from
how many rocks in these falls/ you might hit

These days coffee tasting bitter in the mornin’ light
these days everything is what it seems to be

Laura Palmer/ leather jacket/ screaming shades of green
pointy shoes/ chains and keys/ too tight jeans
Falling down, falling down/ deep in your head
leave it to be, leave it to be don’t dig too deep
You might find something that remains.

These days coffee tasting bitter in the mornin’ light
these days everything is what it seems to be
Yesterday world was new, without a map
Yesterday world was clean, without the stain

Sooner or later/ you face the light of the dawn
Sooner or later/ you head forward instead your behind
What was in the yesterday/ shall be left there
What you thought was the real/ is today just an dream

Take a look to winter night/ cold and clear
Silence landing over you/ free of your thoughts for a while
To become as snow in the ground, as freeze upon the trees
To become as a halo of the far away sun.

Words of her/ echoes beautiful and pale
Yesterday/ speaking with an voice of passed-by
Today/ your sweet chalice has gone sour
Today/ everything differs from yesterday

...Sorry if i writed it down wrong, english is not my everyday language..
May the light surround you.
With love, -I-