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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sybil Starr Productions is on the rise!!

OH BOY!! I have so many things to cover! Where do I start? Cat-fighting with Renee? Working with Sleeper Kid and FWA in Atlanta? New videos and clips? New wrestlers?

The new website is getting better and better. . today I uploaded 20 new videos to sell, new pictures to the photo prints area. . new clips about to happen. ..I am starting to get a grip on the new website. . .
I upload new content to the members area at least twice a week!!! This week there are new belly punchign clips to be downloaded at both clip stores!
Lia and Sybil's Belly battle!
Lia and Sybil have a belly busting contest!
Belly KO Interview
Lia Labowe would like to get the security job at a local nightclub, but the head of Security who interviews her, Joe Popvich, doesn't think she has what it takes to do the job!! Lia challenges him and says that if she can KO Joe by belly punches she can get the job. . . what Joe doesn't know is that this girl will look for any excuse to hit a guy in the belly!!!!

please stop by the DVD store!!

Please check out the companies I worked with in Atlanta this last week. . . .
I really had a blast and am happy to announce that I will be heading back in December for Wrestlefest!

This weekend I have these two new wrestlers coming in to train and make videos!! Both are tall, dark and tough as hell. . Muay Thai Princess and the wrestler known as "Midnight"
Please contact me if you would like any matches done between the 3 of us or if you would like to sponsor any of the fighters and get copies of all of their matches!!!

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or myspace for even more fun!

kisses and scissors,
Sybil Starr

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