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Sunday, January 06, 2008

My legs wrapped around your head!

I have been so pent up I could kill something with my bare hands. I am a feisty girl. If I don't fight, or run, or expend some of this energy that naturally builds up everyday, I am not the same sweet girl most people expect me to be. And lately. . UGH! Snowed in, in Michigan. I have taken to working out to try to help. . I have one of those magic circles from pilates, and I put it between my thighs to try to get my daily scissor squeezes in. . but I bend the dang thing until it is flat and it is just not as gratifying as hearing sighs and screams of pain as you struggle. . .
The snow has finally melted here, and a client from NYC had called earlier in the week to let me know he would be in Detroit today. I met him at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino downtown Detroit. I know him very well, sessioning with him numerous times in the past three years. I donned a orange and yellow snakeskin thong bikini to tussle in. And we started. I wrestled my much larger victim (6'-250#) to the ground and proceeded to torture him with devastating scissor holds, scissors from behind his head, reverse head scissor, figure fours, mean head locks, body scissors, hammerlocks, arm bars, facesits, hand smothering, neck cranks, chokes, breast smothers, grapevines, wrist locks, key locks, pressure point toruture, slapping, punching and kicking. . . and when he was finally exhausted and all the fight had left him, I made him lick my feet and I trampled him for fun. I love to tease and torture my victims. I love to let them feel my sweet warm body all over them, love to watch the pleasure watch over their face. . and then turn it into pain and fear. Life is about pain and pleasure, suffering and happiness. . and you can't have one without the other. . but maybe. . in the end. . it is one in the same. . . .

Kisses and scissors,

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Anonymous said...


You are correct that is what life is all about. You must be strong to survive. One thing for sure, you are a strong person.

Peace and God Bless