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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sybil Update

Been hiding out laying low, nothing new to me. . . LOL.. . that was a gun's and roses moment .. . LOL

I am still in Chicago, though I did sneak into NYC for a day. . and back again. . and tomorrow I work for with my best friend, LIA LABOWE!!! That's right she is making her debut withfemaleprowrestling! I am so exxcited!

And then I am going camping and then I am going to VEGAS!! Where Lia and I will be together again to tear up the town and get silly together. .

I added more pics to the group from the humiliation match I had withDakota. . . I really like this series, I hope you do too!

Spring has Sprung. . . you know one of the best things about Chicago?

3 major league baseball stadiums within 2 hours. . and yes, I have seen three games this last week. . AHHHHHH BASEBALL. . I fricking love it. .

.also had some great matches and sessions. . it has been a great week.

Look for me in a town near you, and if that doesn't work out, get your fix by ordering a video. . my newest clip to be downloaded is a three girls on one guy belly punching clip. . pretty brutal stuff. . so unless you like that sort of thing (the way I do) I wouldn't buy it. .LOL

kisses and scissors,


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