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Friday, May 18, 2007

The Last word I will give on the Subject of Kris Carre

I am so tired of this looney weirdo still getting in my hair. . . .
so in plain words I will put out there what I am proposing. .

First a little background to those who don't know her. . and you probably don't want to. . but to each their own. . this is my story, she has her own, and seemingly unlimited hours of the day in which to spread it all over the internet, I on the other hand, actually have a life, so I cannot take the time to look for and respond to all the garbage she posts. . so this is it for me. . . read it here. . .

ok, so back in late September/October, someone posted on a message board somewhere about her and I having a fight. . she responded she had no issues (ie problems, concerns) with me. . and due to her sizable size advantage she didn't think it would be fair to challenge me. . .but it got me thinking, I fight men much larger than myself all the time, she fights all the time, why not challenge her??? I figured a safe, sane, consensual match up in submission grappling would be great. If I lost I lost. . . I could always claim she is bigger than me anyway. . so really, she should be able to beat me. . . I love a challenge and thought it would make for a great video so I threw it out there. . . EGHAADDDSSS if I had only known what can of worms that would open. . the can of worms of Kris Carre's brain. . . UGH! Next thing I know she is posting ten paragraph post anywhere she can about how she hates me and I am just some sexy fighter girl and not a "real" one. . and challenges me to a streetfight type match. . LOL. . yeah right, I am going to let some crazy bitch who weighs at least 30 pounds more than me who is known for seeing red and losing control of herself during sessions come at me. . LOL. . . I was looking for what I thought would be fun. . again, safe, sane consensual, both fighters respecting one another as fighters- type of match. . but I think she was scared of losing to me. . why else would she turn down my challenge? Let's be honest shall we? I have a professional record in MMA, they flew me to Japan to fight, where I went against a girl with many more fights than myself and was able to hold my own for 2 and a half minutes, and hey, I won my first one Pro-MMA fight. . . this gal Kris claims she is a fighter. . but I can't find her record anywhere and the videos I find of her either have her dominating a weaker opponent or one that is not allowed to fight back, or losing. . . so yeah. . hmm. . . real fighter. . .. hmm. . does this mean all my barroom brawls against my drunk weaker opponents count? LOL. . give me a break. I am so tired of talk-talk-talk. The worst part is I really do wish her well, I want nothing but the best for her, her family and her life. . . and I have not stopped feeling that way. She gets way too much attention from this. . so this is it for me. . my last word. . and this is what I propose:

The fight proposal:
Live (with an audience) and videotapped or just private and videotapped. Either is fine with me.
30 minute submission grappling match, we will go over a fight contract together, with a referree, and agree to the rules. Most submissions in the time limit wins it unless someone quits early.
We can decide the place together, or one can decide the place and the other the referee, we can plan a date in the future, say this fall, when we have time to train for it, or we can do it asap (I am happy either way). Cheater loses. There will be a referree and the winner gets the video rights to the match. . . the winner gets to sell the video, the loser gets nothing but beaten.
This is what I propose.

This is a simple thing. . it is a fight; a contest of will, spirit, skill and body. It is not the size of the fighter, it is the size of the fight inside her.

so put up or shut up.

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Unknown said...

Listen You fake bitch! Kris would TEAR U APART!!! You can't fight worth a shit! Oh yeah roll on the floor with girls and make out with them, PUKING!! Real talent there? NOT!! Why won't u fight me or Kris? You talk all of this shit about her and I. I know why YOU ARE SCARED SHIT LESS!!!

Sarah Tiger