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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sybil Private Match (Session) Review

from Dave M:
I had my first wrestling session with Sybil Starr this week.  I never had a session with anyone else prior to this time.   I first learned about session wrestling about three years ago and have had a mixed wrestling fetish since I was quite young, but was too nervous and shy about giving it a try.   I finally decided to set up a session with Sybil since she seemed so friendly and approachable like the girl next door type (but pretty and sexy). 
Well, it turns out she was everything I had hoped for and much more.  Sybil is even more attractive and sexy looking in real life, and she is very friendly.  She didn’t watch the clock at all and spent extra time with me to help make me feel less nervous and comfortable.  She also made sure she knew what my skill level was and what I was looking for. 
We decided on a light, fun wrestling session which was perfect for me.   Sybil easily got me in plenty of holds and submissions and it was clear she is surprisingly strong and quite skilled.   She made sure to use various holds that I had mentioned I liked, and was very fun and sexy at the same time.   I loved every minute of it and will definitely wrestle with her as often as I can in the future.
I highly recommend Sybil Starr and especially if you’ve never had a mixed wrestling session before.  If you are like me and have been hesitant to schedule your first session, your only regret will be why you didn’t schedule a session sooner.

and another:
I had a wrestling session with Miss Sybil Starr at 10/17, Chicago and here below is my review. Please, post it at your website. Cheers, Leonidas

“Sybil Starr is a true star by herself. Her quality as a person and as an athlete is unique. I had a competitive wrestling session with her at 10/17, Chicago.  As an athlete, she is very strong, very quick and with a great knowledge of wrestling, obviously. She can beat anybody, anyplace. As a person, she is so complete - or even better “such a character”. She has a hundred of thousand of interests(…) and she can do all just wonderful; a sign of geniuses?  Definitely yes. What more to say? She is F**kin' Perfect! (…and her bikini, yes, was P!nk!!) Keep on wrestling and rocking, SSTARR!”

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