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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hard Hitting Cincinatti Action

It's been a while since I sat down to write out an actual blog. . things have been going so amazingly awesome here that it is hard to keep up with everything! 

Gosh, where do I start. . . I mean the work started years ago. . the dream I am following is one I have had for years!  To have the most awesome group of female wrestlers to work with in the world!  I wanted them sexy, strong, feisty and fun!  But I never thought it could really get to the place we are at now, or be en route to where we are heading in the future. . I am still learning and growing, and so is my company, but these ladies that I have the pleasure of working with and managing really keep me humble. . they are so awesome and amazing and I just want to help them to be the very best that they can be. . so I offer them my resources, my contacts, my friends, my clients, my trainers, my money, & my company, to utilize however they wish to help out their careers. .. The pleasure I get in watching them grow and being able to help them are far beyond what I myself have put into these efforts. . .I am so proud of my girls!

Sybil Starr Productions offers two distinct female combat brands, is our "spicy"site, a sexy, female glamor wrestling site where all those sexy female fighting fantasies can be lived out through our beautiful models and fighters.  And then we have our Family oriented, Live Product, the Starr Girls, female pro-style wrestling at it's finest. Our girls are trained for many different types of combat, from submission grappling to pro-style wrestling, and we also provide whatever promo pictures they need and help them take on private challengers and shoots for other companies.  My company produces other content and other websites, also, but this last weekend, we were heading down to Cincinnati to train at BoneKrushers Gym with the awesome trainer, Roger Ruffen. 

These travel weekends tend to be full of fun and lots of work, with very little time for rest or sleep.
Ruby got here Thursday night, late, and slept over so that she could be ready to jump in the car with us first thing in the AM, the second stop is on our way down to Cincinnati, we have to stop to pick up Betty Battles. .. I want to say a few words about the beautiful Betty Battles. . this girl is so stinking talented, and she picks up wrestling/fighting so quickly!  She is naturally gifted with an amazing athleticism, from her crushing scissorholds which comes from years of riding horses and to her background in amateur wrestling and her gymnastics, Betty is working towards being the high flier of our company!  Not to mention I have seen her submit blue belts in BJJ that weigh twice her size!  and Ruby?  Why Ruby went to nationals in folk-style wrestling in high school against boys!!!  She also learns quickly and just never gives up or complains!  She loves wrestling and is super strong for only being 5 foot tall!  But this was going to be her first training for pro wrestling ever, and believe me, the first training is the very worst in my opinion!  Honestly, these weekends cost me a pretty penny, to cover all the travel costs and the training fees for us, but again, I just want to help these girls and they trust me to manage them and their careers, and I take this responsibility very seriously. . I also bring my media producer, or an assistant to help to tape our trainings and some of our fun of being out and about so that the fans can enjoy some of these adventures with us,. . gosh knows we have lots of fun and get super rowdy!

The first thing when we got into the KY area, was hit Pompilios for Lunch, this is some of the best Italian found I have found in the US, in Newport KY and I highly recommend it!  We were staying over at Sin-d's house, so we headed there next.  We gather the supplies we needed and headed over to BoneKrushers gym which was where we needed to do a bunch of filming for sexy wrestling matches.  When we wrapped all the shoots up, we had a private match client coming in to take on all of us.  I try to get us matches when we travel and train so the girls can make some money too.  The guy we were scheduled to wrestle is one we had seen 3 times before this. We had a good time wrestling him in the past, he is much bigger than all of us and very strong, and while my girls weren't able to get him to submit yet, (well, Betty did once;)) He had yet to get me. . . maybe he was frustrated or something, but he came in wanting to win at all costs.  He didn't smile and he didn't want to make small talk. . . and he popped two girls shoulders out and wouldn't let them up when they tapped, he would call a time out any time he was in trouble, he tried to drop elbows on me and put me into a boston crab and then sat across my legs and tried to bend my knees backwards, and so many other illegal and totally dangerous maneuvers without any respect to us, the girls he was wrestling. . I finally had enough and went off on him, telling him to leave. . . then he wanted his money back, and when the girls and I travel we offer session matches for super cheap so that we can all get some experience and money. . . and you do not get your money back if you cannot mind your manners. . and he may still get a bill from my doctors for what he did to my neck!  Or the bruise on my sternum. .  .this was honestly the worst private match I have had in forever, and it bothers me as this was a client we knew and trusted and also because it was Ruby's first private match. . . I wanted her to know how much fun we have doing them. . not how bad they can be. . UGH! 

We decided we need some pain killers, so we heading out to Monkey Dew's. . a monkey themed bar somewhere in KY that has karaoke on Friday nights. . and we ended up at the Waffle House sometime in the early Am hours. . . my morning match had to cancel due to being called in to work (major disappointment for me as I planned this whole trip around the guy's vacation as we have been trying to get together for a session for at least a year now!!!!) But at least I got to sleep in a bit. . before we headed back to BoneKrushers and did a little more filming before our three hours or training with Roger. . . those 3 hours went like lightning. . going over so many things, Roger is such an amazing teacher I am so glad that we can get instruction from him, I just wish he was closer to us. . . but I know that I get back every dime that I pay him for our trainings, he works us HARD! And Ruby didn't cry or whine, she never did anything but her best to try to learn and do everything she was shown. . another awesome girl we have added to our roster!!! By the time we were done, I was wasted, but I still had to go up against Betty that night in the Top Ladies contender match to see who would be going up against SinD at a later date.

Honestly, it really did take me needing to dig deep just to have anything left to take into our match that night. . the show was awesome, the little auditorium almost fully packed and Betty tried playing dirty with me, but I kept the wrestling clean and still managed to pull off another victory!  And then Sin-D came in and and slammed a pillow over my head!  One that was loaded with her championship belt. . I guess she wanted to let me know that getting her belt would take a fight, but I know I am up to it!  Check out their whole awesome wrestling organization at! Though we may be friends outside of the ring, once we are in the ring, we are all fierce competitors who want to win!!! 
After the show, we all headed back to Sin-D's place and the girls surprised me with a birthday cake and candles and ice cream to celebrate my birthday. I almost cried, as I have never had anyone surprise me for my birthday before and I had always wanted that, so they made my dreams come true!  We stayed up late again just being silly being together and then we hit the road for home at 8am.  I was sore and tender and walking like an old lady.  After I got home, I crashed for most of the day.  My back, neck, legs, all of me seemed to be in pain. . .as if I were beaten head to toe with a baseball bat. . . speaking of baseball bats, all of us girls also stripped down to our panties and took some hot photos in my Tigers baseball jersey to root on our boys.. I will get those pictures posted as soon as I get them back from my media producer  GO TIGERS!!!!!

This last month, I won over Betty at UCW to take the vacated women's title in Memphis, IN. . and I was also awarded my white belt at my dojo (  It has been a very crazy year for me, I have worked my ass off and so have my girls, to keep all of our fans entertained!

Look for Betty, Ruby, Lia, Sin-D and I as we travel and kick butt in the months ahead!
October 13th, my birthday;)
Oct 14th Pittsburgh, PA with Lia Labowe
Oct 17 Chicago, IL with Betty Battles
Oct 18 Cleveland, OH with Betty Battles
Oct 19 Philadelphia, PA with Lia Labowe
Oct 20 & 21 New York City
Oct 26 & 27 Detroit with Betty Battles, Ruby Nesque
October 28th, Sin-D in Chicago, IL
November 6, Dayton, OH with Sin-D and Betty Battles
November 14-18, Los Angeles CA
November 26th, Indianapolis, IN

Also, the membership site will be launching Nov 1st!  The Starr Girls have theeir own channel on to get launched  and we will begin our underground female fight league events in November. . . amongst so many other plans we have ahead!!!!  Stay tuned. . . xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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