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Monday, June 06, 2011

Private Match Review

I met Sybil for the first time in June, 2011 for a wonderful wrestling session.  Physically, Sybil is a knock out.  She is strikingly pretty, and has a great bikini body.  I would describe her as very feminine and athletic. Sybil was accompanied by Betty Battles, which made for a two-on-one session.  Betty is really attractive and has a fantastic, petite and athletic build.  She is very strong for her size.  Sybil is very skilled in wrestling and jiu-jitsu.  Betty is not as experienced, but she knows the basics.  Both women were very accommodating, and both fairly easy dominated me with pins, scissors, smothering and lifts ( I am very slim)in addition to taunting.  The wrestling itself was awesome, and honestly my favorite aspects about both of these women are their personality and attitude.  In addition to looking smoking hot in bikinis, they are very friendly, professional, and fun.  I highly recommend Sybil and Betty if you are wanting a very enjoyable wrestling session.  

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