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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boxing Session Testimonial

I got beaten up by that girl again.

Sybil and I have been boxing every few months for the past two years, and she’s won every time, and decisively.

I think I’ve gotten slightly better. I even had Sybil trapped briefly and landed a number of punches to her side. But she later said, no, she was merely resting. And that’s probably the case, as she easily punched her way out when she was ready.

In fact, at least three times during this last fight she worked me against the wall and I couldn’t even defend myself as she skillfully pummeled my face and midsection for what seemed like almost a full minute. My only escape was when she let me out — most likely figuring that if she kept it up she’d knock me out, ending the session — or my legs gave way and I collapsed in a pathetic heap on the floor.

More than once we were in the middle of the room and my friend was punching me at will — hooks, crosses, uppercuts — giving a clear demonstration of her far superior ability, speed and strength.

She almost did KO me, at least two or three times. I remember once, as I was lying face down and trying to clear my head after this slender woman had pounded me to the floor, Sybil planted her foot on my back. If not a complete triumph yet, it certainly could’ve been if that’s what she’d wanted.

I’d like to write a blow-by-blow account of this past week’s fight, but frankly it’s too much of a blur. My jaw still hurts, and I can still feel where her fists pounded my ribs and belly, again and again.

I’m six inches taller than Sybil and outweigh her by more than 50 pounds. Yet we can stand toe to toe and trade punches, and she always gets the better of me. And it’s been a long time since I’ve won arm-wrestling her; she always beats me now, right- and left-handed.

Sybil seems to get faster, more skilled, stronger and more gorgeous each time. For our last match, she wore a skimpy, reddish-white-and-blue bikini — as if she needed any distractions in her favor ….

It’s an amazing experience, to be boxing this sexy, smart, funny, confident woman as she’s connecting with four to five punches for my every one — and soon the fight shifts completely and she’s landing all the punches. And all the while, Sybil’s smiling with those beautiful, perfect, white teeth, and laughing with that deep laugh.

At the end of our hour-long session this last time, the result was Sybil: seven knock downs; me: none. At the end of the session, it took a long time before I could get up off the floor.

Actually if I’ve learned anything, it’s that if I do manage to do even some minor damage against my opponent, Sybil just turns up the power and punches back harder and faster.

No good punch goes unpunished.

— M.

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