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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sybil's Christmas in July

AHHH> >> > > > > SUMMER TIME!!!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying vacations and time with good people. . . I know I am. . . I love the beach. . . and I have managed to spend quite a bit of time on many of them. . . LOL
I am getting ready to hit the wild woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (when I get home from my trip to the Northeast!). . . where there are no roads and bears do roam. . . .

WELCOME TO CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!! and do I ever have a gift or two for YOU!!!!
I am happy to announce that it is time for the Christmas in July Sale!!!! Buy any of my DVD's at regular price and get one free!!! (free video must be of equal or lesser value!)
And to get this sale going. . . my latest release is "Sybil's Session with Lia"
Sybil's Session With Lia
It's Christmas time and Sybil bought a present for her best friend (and girl she has a secret crush on) Lia Labowe. . but Lia has come empty handed, so she gives Sybil what Sybil really wants, which is a wrestling session!!! Watch Lia torture and dominate Sybil!!!!!
the preview clip is available for download at my clips-for-sale store:
and all my DVD's can be found here:
Get it while it's hot!!! This sale is only on until the end of the month. . . when you order one video and I get the e-mail with your order in it, I will e-mail you back and ask what video woudl you like for FREE!!!!

New combatant announced for Hell weekend!!! Dakota from Milwaukee has agreed to come to HELL!
I am excited about this as she is a great fighter and one of my good friends. .
so, to update you on the Hell girls:
Lady Victoria
Kordelia Devonshire
Sybil (me) Starr

and Hell Boy:
Van the Man

Hell Custom Script Contest!

This custom video production weekend is put on in Hell, Michigan. . and to get those creative juices flowing I am running a custom script contest! I will produce the winner's script!!!
here is how it works:
write your script!
e-mail it to me in either e-mail format or microsoft word format to
I will pick my ten top favorites as finalist and upload them as files to my yahoo group. . . . then everyone can vote on their favorites!
The winner is the one will the most votes and it will be produced in HELL!

All scripts must be in by August 10th! Hell weekend takes place August 27-30th!

And last but not least. . . I am coming to a town near you!!! Milwaukee. . and Minneapolis!!! You have requested I come there. . and here I come!!!
Check out my new travel dates:
July 31st, Milwaukee, WI
August 1st, Minneapolis, MN
August 2-9, Sturgis, South Dakota
August 17-21, San Diego/LA, CA
August 27-30th, HELL, MI
September 11-12, Chicago, IL
September 18th, Pittsburgh, PA

book me now. . .

kisses and scissors,

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