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Friday, March 21, 2008

St Patty's Day Masacre--session review

The St. Patrick's Day Massacre

I met Sybil for combined wrestling and domination on
St. Patrick's Day and this Celtic girl dressed in a
gorgeous green bikini showed this physically fit 6
foot 200 pound guy who ruled that day. When she said
"this day is about me" early on, I should have known,
today was going to be quite different from our normal

I should have learned through my other grappling with
her that I should conserve my energy up front,
particularly when she's near peak conditioning prior
to her MMA fights. I started off Superman style trying
with all of my energy focused to just get a submission
out of her. I mean how hard can that be against her
with my height, weight, and muscular advantage.

Well, she escaped from everything I tried to put her
in including several headlocks, choke-holds,
guillotine attempts, etc. This time was different
too, in that early on she just didn't defend herself
and conserve her energy as usual, but also came after
me with offensive moves early on. And her offensive
holds were much more powerful than I could recall from
earlier times. Within about 10 min of a full intensity
battle, she had gotten me into a powerful headlock and
I had to beg her to release me. Before releasing, she
demonstrated how if this was a real fight she could
keep that hold while punching me powerfully with her
fists if she wished leaving me a bloody mess. Who
would suspect this cute girl next door to ever be a
serious fighter?

After the first Superman fall, I feel like she
released the kryptonite (I suspect that she keeps it
underneath her bikini top). I was probably at about 80
percent of the energy that I started with and I knew
she sensed that as she stalked me waiting for my first
screw up. I got into her guard and she cranked up some
python like body scissors to reduce my energy and
breath as I stiffened my abs to resist. When I broke
her feet off for to get out of the body scissors she
immediately had me in a head/neck scissor, which she
probably could have got a submission out of but
released it and slowly crawled up my body to instead
get a breast smother where I became completely out of
energy and breath, and she made me submit. Sure it's
great being under Sybil's breasts but when you run out
of air, you have to make a choice of pleasure vs.
passing out. At this point, I think I had half the
energy that I walked in with as we did not yet stop
for a break after 20 min of wrestling. I submitted and
she forced me to worship her feet as she sat on my
stomach and used my inclined legs as her backrest.

I was never into foot worship prior to meeting Sybil
but it is a turn on to provide this pleasure to her.
She does have beautiful feet and if you do it just
right, you can hear her purr ever so sweetly. She
insisted that I provide equal service to each foot and
each toe.

I felt a bit refreshed after that and figured I had
recovered enough where I could surprise her and come
out with a strong attack. I got her into a guillotine
but I think she blocked part of it because as I
applied the pressure, she did not submit. I felt my
hold weakening and knew I could not hold the pressure
much longer and that's just when she escaped. I
somehow for the first time wrestling with her was able
to get her into a leg scissor of her head/neck but she
simultaneously applied the same to my neck. I think
she cranked it up to full strength because I
immediately release my scissors on her and screamed
begging her to release. I think I almost passed out at
that point, and that's never happened before...Lesson
learned to not dual Sybil with scissors.

I layed completely exhausted on the floor beaten into
submission and she knew it was time to switch to
dominatrix Sybil and play with her boy toy for her
pleasure. She hog tied me but with my energy at about
30 percent, I think she could have done anything to me
that she wanted without the ropes. She came back
dressed in these shiny beautiful black boots extending
up to her thighs. Carrying her authentic horse crop,
and nipple clamps, she looked like an angel
dominatrix. I was privileged to be the first to
experience her new boots. I had tried worshiping
boots in the past but never became turned on by it.
With Sybil, though, it was a big turn on, being hog
tied as she forced me to first suck on the long thin
heel and then lick the toes and eventually take a good
portion of the toe into my mouth. She seemed to be
turned on by this as well. She then rolled me onto my
back (with hands locked behind the back with the hog
tie), applied the nipple clamps, and then did some
smothering face sitting as she whipped my inner thighs
with her crop. Just a completely helpless boy toy
being used by Princess Sybil for her pleasure.

That was how I spent my St. Patrick's day.

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C.Mahan said...

damn girl...should I be scared??? LOL