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Monday, March 10, 2008

Hurricane Havana is full of herself!

Ok, I just went to Hurricane Havana's website. . . she is already postingexcuses for why she won't be wrestling me. . this is what it says*Presently, I plan on attending. Due to a prior wrist injury etc, **I am not 100% sure I will be wrestling submission or in a pro match. **A decision will be made closer to the event date. **I will be available for session and photo work. *

I am upset about this. . I feel that she is just putting together and excuse now so that when she disappoints all the fans next month she will have somesort of excuse. . . . . . .I dopn;t know how everyone else feels, but I say this . . . .CONSIDER YOURSELF CALLED OUT HURRICANE HAVANA,. . . if I were you I would bescared of me, too and looking to drop out of our bout. .. . you area chicken bully girl who cries when she doesn't get her way. . . .and anyone who reads this, if you feel as strongly as I do, or half as strong, help me call her out. . . let's make it known that she is full of herself@!!!I say we start a movement. . . The Starr Army ! And that Army should call out that spoiled baby and make her answer for all her excuses. . . this is her website. . her, call her, post about it. . whatever. . but the time to make sure that she does not back out of this event is now!!!!!!!--Sybil Starrwww.sybilstarr.com

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Krissy said...

Sybil- I'm excited at the challenge you made to wrestle me at the convention. I look forward to our upcoming battle. As far as Princess Havana, I'm not a giant fan. I fought her 7 yrs ago. She asked me to go easy on her, and I did. Still, I threw her around like the porn sighing, fake breasted rag doll that she was. A few days ago, I found out that she's told people for 7 yrs that I'm a fake and she beat me. I issued her a challenge for the convention. If she refuses, I intend to call her out publically for her shenanigans.
-Krissy of Ringmaster