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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The City of Brotherly Love

Oh Philly. . . the city of Brotherly love. . a train ride from NJ, NY and so close to so much baseball. . .

I got to go to the Wizards of the Coast Comic Book Convention that happened to be right across the street from my hotel. . a friend of mine was working the convention for this toy store so he was able to get me in and I got to meet the wrestler "Virgil" from the WWE. . he literally swept me off my feet, Virgil looks no different than when he was wrestlign on the WWE every night. .which means he is in awesome shape considering that I used to watch him on TV when I was ten years old!

Friday night a good friend of mine, Billion, took me to Atlantic City in style!! We hopped into a white stretched limo and headed out, coors light on ice waiting in the back for us! After some great Italian food, we played craps. . and I won! Billion taught me enough to get myself in trouble. . and boy what fun! We walked the board walk and checked out other casinos. . in one of the resturants the wait staff was all dancing to "Staying Alive!"
I got back to my room at 3:30 in the morning, my pockest fatter and my spirits lifted. . oh and tired!

On Saturday, after some good old fashioned butt whoopings for some nice young men, I met up with a friend to go to the Phillies/Tigers game. It was the only game they lost
out of the series. . but I was there, Baseball Park #7, citizens Bank Park, and I had to get a philly cheese steak from Tony Luke's. . (which I did end up dribbling onto my Tigers Jersey. . it is like I am a native or something. .LOL) The Park was beautiful. . Phillie Fams were great, very passionate, and yet took the time to welcome me to their park. . there were quite a few of us Tiger fans there. . and their mascot, the Phillies Fanatic. . very funny. . here is a video clip of him giving Tigers Pitcher, Miller, the "Whammy" and then the batter hits a homerun!

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