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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Semi Hits the Starr Car

Yes, it is true, I was on my way to Ms. Primo's house to do videos and victim mainentance when I was stopped in the left turn lane, and as a semi tried to get around me into the right turn lane, he caught my car under his trailer and dragged it and I almost got rammed into the semi in front of me, but no, I slammed on my brakes fast enough to stop that, but the damage was done. He had hooked the back of my car and window, and WHAM BAM BOOM the window burst to bits and he damaged the rear end. . I spent over five hours getting my car to a body shop, securing a rental car and getting x-rayed at the hospital. . I drove away from the accident. . . .I will post pics on the group. . this sucks. . . but it could have been a lot worse. . . I have a sprained neck. .it is a little stiff and I have a headache. . but I am fine. . just need to rest a couple of days. . and I am sure that watching the Tigers at Comerica Park tomorrow will be just what the doctor ordered. . .
They told me this morning the window is in and I can take it home. . .yikes. .

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