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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Recent Session with Bearhugger

Bearhugger writes:

Only Sybil knows why the word COMPETITIVE is capitalized, even more thanonce...this COMPETITIVE session featured a first for the bearhugger, being squeezed to tears by the mighty thighs of Sybil Starr. That amazing experience began as she gave me what I asked for, a time in her scissors to take it as long as she could give it out, without defending myself.Although she did choose to apply pressure from behind twice to finish the job, I was already prepared to submit in the first ten seconds...because I promised Iwould give before passing out...this time...and she had to order me NOT to tapshe was "good and ready" for me to do so. but that beginning was only a small taste of the beating that was to come...Sybil gave up her speed advantage and her requirement that I adapt my attackto minimize my sizeable weight advantage (down 25 pounds but still fat and sassy) for this fun session. We almost never stopped talking, maybe for ten or twenty seconds at a time throughout the entire hour. How we could inflict such pain on each other and gain some very tough submissions AND chat was simply amazing! Because we chatted I mistakenly called the session "less competitive",which elicited a righteous protest from her via e-mail. I get intensity mixed up with tension and silence...I may never have had more fun with her, and more laughs, but I was sore for days after! She submitted me with a punishing triangle choke to win the first fall. ThoughI gained top position before that she off-balanced me and eventually trapped me with her muscular legs. Trying to prevent the hold, which I could tell wascoming, I grabbed her right calf to try to push her off. Her calves, shapely and smooth though they are, were like chiseled stone! I knew she was getting buffbut I was shocked! How she keeps her feminine form and got so powerful is beyondme...but I LOVE it!
I managed to off balance her in fall number two and, while she chatted all thetime and I laughed, I locked her into a bear hug and squeezed off a submission.She knew what was coming and, hating chest compressions, tapped fairly quickly
(for her). We clinched again and again at the beginning of each fall, but she's veryc agey. She would begin to use her skill and leverage advantage to gain backmount or top mount time after time. But you scissor fans read of thelast falls began with her pretending to fall under my top mount but really, she was getting me into her guard to lay a hurting on me.First, she giggled and smiled and said, "wow, you're squeezable now" and gave me a huge cheshire cat grin. She squeezed with a soft moan and I responded with a LOUD moan as her powerful legs grasped me at the rib cage. She squeezed timeafter time, rapidly clenching and unclenching her thighs as I groaned, moaned, and finally fell sideways still locked in her guard. She just smiled triumphantly and giggled again as she unwrapped my body and, like a slab of meat plops on a butcher's table, sliced me up with a series of moves that resulted in a sweaty breast smother after what seemed like an eternity. Sadly, when her breasts enveloped my nose, I chose to fight out instead of take it like a man, so to speak. She rewarded me by trapping me under the merciless pressure of her sternum and it was either let her break my nose cartilage and submit or submit first. I submitted first...darn it!!!I returned the pain favor by executing what she called a "skillful" headlock, making sure she was not put through too much pain or any damage before she tapped. I must admit, even though we're friends, I enjoyed the look of pain on her face because she said before the match that I would have to "earn every submission". I knew I was on the right track when her eyes closed and mouth rounded with the effort of coping with the heavy pressure I put on her chin andhead. I was proud of her that she lasted so long in an obviously bad position,and was grateful that she went competitive with me and forgave me our size difference this time.We struggled to a 4-4 tie in submissions...I's hard to wrestle and keep track of falls when you can't breathe...and in her new pink bikini she tookmy breath away long before her first squeeze...I thank you, my sweet friend, andI am grateful that you treat me like an equal and a fighter. It's what I longed for when we first met on the mats, especially after your training and your victories over me last year....and I look forward to many more bouts of pain and pleasure..


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