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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ok Ok. . . I will update my blog. . Though I am honored to see how many people keep up with me this way. . .It is so amazing to know how many friends I have made since I started fighting. . . I have been so gosh darn blessed. . . .

Let's talk about November. . I have been training so hard. . As much as I can. . . Which means staying close to home and working myself into exhaustion most days. .I was down to 119# for a minute there. . . . But I did manage to leave and go to Lady Victoria's house to do custom video shoots on the weekend before my big fight. . . . it was Christie Ricci's Birthday. . so we went out to the bar for a couple drinks after 10 hours of shooting videos. . . It was a great weekend. . .I got to see Lady V again and Christie and Venus, but I also got to meet and work with Jungle Fever (what a class act this girl is. . and 6' tall!) and also Vanessa Harding who is a total trip. . . . I was there for three days. . and we worked hard. . . and Lady V treated me like a queen as usual. . .(she is so special to me).
I headed home for a day and a half before I headed out again. . This time to the Chicago area to see the Bodeans play with this cute boy that I have a great big crush out (I am completely smitten with his blue eyes and silly monkey antics. . LOL) The concert was wonderful. .

I took Thursday easy. .Only running three miles, and 30 flights of stairs. . And then sitting in a hot tub and sauna as much as I could. . . And awoke early to hit the road and head to O'Hare Airport to fly down to Evansville, IN. At the airport in Evansville I was picked up by the fight organizer, Jeff Osborne. . Great great guy. .He asked if I was worried about making weight. . and I said "no" I was pretty much fighting at my natural weight, 125#. . So he took me to grab some food on the way to the hotel and then I was checked in my noon. . . My corner man was on his way down and would be there by weigh-in time. . 4:30 Pm and HOOTERS. . . LOL. . Mike Krazz worked my corner for me and I tell you, I couldn't do it without him. He brought a friend with him, David. Lia Labowe's plane was scheduled to land at 9 pm, with a good friend of ours coming up to be with us for the fight and help get us around. . my sweet friend Mike. . (I call him sweet for many reasons, but my biggest one is that he makes by hand chocolate goodies for me. . Talk about being spoiled!!! He also drove his bike to my house and we rode around on it for a couple of days this last year!)
Anyhow. . . headed down to catch the stretch hummer limo that was to take the fighting girls to Hooter's for the weigh-in and also to sign my fight contract.

My opponent's name was Melissa Vasquaz. . a young woman from Fort Wayne, IN. She did not make weight. . . . at least not when I was there. . . they said she did eventually. . but it didn't matter to me, I am used to fighting people much bigger than I am. . .and I already felt like a winner just for being there. . . I had the opportunity to try myself in a ring in a form of fighting I train in but have never actually had a match in. I had faced my fears and met my goals just by Showing up. My only plan was to do my very best, and to let God bless the rest. . . wow. . it was all so crazy and cool and wonderful. . and the girls were awesome too!

The next day I headed to the gym with mike Krazz and my friends for some last minute training and to burn off some of my nervous energy. . we worked out for about two hours. .grabbed a light bite to eat and headed over to the venue for the fight. We still needed to do physicals and interviews. And then Lia braided my hair back. . and well, it was almost time. I went back downstage and changed and sparred a bit with Mike, we had been calling Dan Severn on the phone every chance we got to see what else he wanted us to do. . another one of our fighters from Dan Severn's Team (Team Danger-Zone, Bloodthirsty) had a fightin Cincinnati (which he won that night, congrats, Major!), so our team was out that night in force.

Before the fight I was so nervous. . . I seriously thought I would pee my pants or puke or something, my mouth was so dry and I had a hard time catching my breath. But when my music started, I danced out to the hexagon, took off my sweatshirt and got ready to rumble.

The fight lasted maybe three minutes. Melissa hit me in the face and rocked me, she got a couple more shots in, too. I am not used to getting hit like that. . It was so hard to think and know what to do. . but luckily Mike was in my corner calling out to me what to do. . I tried to hit her back. . I think I missed, I tried to kick her, she got out of the way of that, too. . But when Mike said go for the clench, I got in close and grabbed her. I took her down to the ground and she was in my guard, I squeezed a bit with my legs and then I managed to sweep her. . I had control for maybe seconds before she swept me back. . She started Hitting me again and all thought went out of my mind. . . This happened I think two more times. . We ended up in a position where she had one of my arms between her legs and then was in a cross body position trying for a key lock, but the angle was odd and we were almost out of the ring. I managed to pull out of it once we were re-positioned more towards the center of the ring, and then I managed to get her back in my guard again.. I worked rubber guard and got her head and one arm trapped between my legs, and then I remembered I could hit her. . I started hitting her in the face while I held her one trapped arm and she tapped. After she tapped I let go instantly (too used to being on my honor and not having a ref!) and her corner yells out, "Keep going, don't stop" so she takes a swing at me. . I jump back and go "Whoa" The ref asks what happened, I said, "She tapped." He asked her, "Did you tap?" and she answered, "Yes."

So I did it. . I won my first MMA bout

and then I went to Milwaukee. . . LOL. . but that's another story!

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Anonymous said...

What a great blog post! I feel as if I were there, but without having to submit to that great triangle choke or cross-face hold!

You are blessed to have so many sweet friends! Glad I am counted as one...