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Friday, November 10, 2006

BearHugger Beaten (again)

The sequel to "Bearhugger Beaten" was created yesterday in Sybil's wrestlingroom. I was forty five minutes late and with no cell phone to call her with boy,was she annoyed. My phone card would not work either....I am very grateful thatshe even took me on. She usually waits only 1/2 an hour before moving on, butfrom her perspective the results were worth it!She won 9 of the fights' 13 falls. We were scheduled to go for 1/2 hour but bythe time the first 20 minutes were over she was teasing, quite accurately andwithout humor, that she was not even breathing hard while I was gasping andwinded. But I asked for her best fight. I'm not complaining or making excuses.Why should I complain when I got what I asked for?That mirthless teasing seemed to be punishment for my trash talking...shepromised to kick the crap out of me and, boy did she! I deserved more teasingand the beating I got, but from then on I only got the beating. Actually, once Iwas slightly hurt in one of our falls, she gave me a brief but sweet backmassage. That helped because I did not want to stop trying. Even though she beatme convincingly, and with basically the same holds she used before herMMA-mandated training, I enjoyed the fight and her company.One particularly telling fall was one of the last. I had been wrapping her upin bearhugs to which before her MMA she would often submit. Not yesterday, notonce. Once she was in the standing position and I was on my knees. I wrapped herin a bearhug and she stood, beginning finally to breathe hard, and wrapped aheadlock around me. We both moaned in pain and exertion but she stood herground. I get frustrated easily, and I finally moved to attempt another hold,thinking I had misapplied my bearhug. I asked her about it later, and she said"No, that was a great bearhug. But I am not gonna submit to your bearhug..."For a long time, when she was at a different level of ability and fitness, sheused to call me her challenge. I was justifiably proud of that since I could seeher skill, strength, and personal struggles refining her into a wonderfulperson.But she hasn't called me her challenge for a while now, and now I know why.I'm not her challenge any more, not by a long shot. I was beaten in every waythat a person can be beaten in a submission wrestling match yesterday. But Sybilwas gracious, friendly,and only gave me what my trash talking and my promise tobeat her deserved. I am pleased for her and proud of her, no matter how bruisedmy stubborn male ego is this morning!I wish and pray that you have the best fight of your life in the Hook N Shoot!God bless you for making the most of your skills and for being my friend!Bearhugger


Anonymous said...

I am glad to be the subject of your blog once again! Especially now that my bruises are healing!

I am going to steal those words "preemptive sorry". I hope and pray you get to use those words on Melissa!

Anonymous said...

ONce again I am glad to be posted on your blog. Well, not quite as glad as when I win...LOL

I hope you get to offer some bruises and "preemptive sorry" to all your MMA and other opponents!

Anonymous said...


This is Melissa's manager Guy, congratulations on your match, I appreciate your honesty in some of your blog. We apologize for the confusion after the triangle, we(Corner) did not think that Melissa had tapped, at least we couldnt tell what was going on, so we insisted not to stop until we seen the ref stop the match, we didnt know why she was stopping. Melissa felt very bad that she hit after, it was reactionary.

Melissa looks forward to a rematch with you, we tried to make it happen for new years at LFC, it may still be possible if you get a hold of us ASAP, Mike Camp will need to hear from you.

Melissa was very nervous, due to the added stress of being a possible candidate for bigger things from the filming. Usually she just competes, but the interviews, and everything had her nerves shot for half the day.

Melissa does have a good fight game, so you should be happy that you did as well as you did, she will give you a much better fight next time, and you both could benefit from the press of a rematch in a Indiana show. She has only been training for less than a year for MMA, but she has come a long way in a short time that I have been training her. Melissa is a very tough young lady and gets better by the day.

Good luck and God Bless