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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Review of Boxing in Bikini's

I purchased "Boxing in Bikinis" from Sybil's new web site. I really enjoyed watching that video and I want to tell you why!

First, the sexy bikini attire that Sybil and her powerful opponent, Dakota wore was worth the price of admission all by itself. Also, I love the kind of boxing where MMA type gloves are used. They allow for clinching and holding as well as some serious belly and face punching. You got to see belly and leg punching as well as shots to the face.

Sybil and Dakota were focused on the boxing,not on talking, and battled hard throughout the match. The kind of video (and irl fighting) that I like is almost without trash talking. I love to hear the deep, heavy breathing and gasping of the fighters as they strain, the slapping of powerful blows into tender bellies and bodies, and the grunts of pain on the part of the victim who is dominated in the fight. In that aspect I totally loved this fight, and honestly dreamed about being one of the participants in a knock-down drag out battle after I saw it! That's what I wanted out of this video and that is what I got.

There is a very clear winner and one of the fighters is dominated at points in the match. I must admit I enjoy it when a fighter is obviously hurt by the blows of the other and I love a dominant victor.

Thanks for putting together this video...even though my preference is m v f fights I enjoyed seeing this video.


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