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Saturday, May 02, 2020

New Video Release -- Get the Feet

New Video release
Sybil is stretching out when Tomiko comes by. Tomiko just loves boots and feet! She offers to help stretch Sybil out. And just loves being close to her boots and feet. She tells Sybil she can help her warm up for a wrestling match by putting her in different holds and seeing if she can get out. Sybil agrees. After putting her into a couple of holds and making her squirm, Tomiko goes for the old "let me just put my arm around your neck and make you sleepy." Once Sybil is just where she wants her, Tomiko removes Sybil's shoes and plays with her feet. And once Sybil is fully aware of what is going on, Tomiko puts her in different holds and tickles her feet!

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