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Saturday, May 16, 2020

VOD FREE Download Neko vs Jenn

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FFGCOMP014 Neko vs Jenn
Neko vs Jenn
Competitive Catfight/Submission Grappling Match! Jenn, a shapely brunette, 5'1" 130# and Neko, a fiery dread-locked vixen, 5'7" 145#, go at it and both want to win at all costs! Hair pulling, slapping and wedgies are all legal! This is a hot fight between two fierce competitors who will not quit! There is sweat glistening on their bodies, the grunts of anguish and defeat, and all while the girls wear small bikini's! This was a sponsored match in Hell, MI in 2007. There are some blips in the video from minute 16 to about 21, but it doesn't really affect this awesome match up. 

25 minute match.

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