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Friday, December 30, 2016

Starting 2017 with a BANG!!~

2017 looms ahead. . . and I am excited!!! And already finding myself with a full schedule!

My partners and I have opened a Martial Arts Gym (West Shore Combat Arts, home of Hook and Catch Wrestling Club) in Ludington, MI and we begin teaching classes starting on Monday. .. so my days/evenings will be taken up with training and teaching. . . I am close to having all my hours in for my level 1 certification in DDP YOGA. . and I love it!! I am excited to be teaching and training. . .

I also have a couple of pro-wrestling shows this month. A week from today I will be in Birch Run, MI wrestling against Heidi Katrina and on January 21st I will be in Coldwater MI wrestling against Betty Battles!

I will also be on the road for a bit this month!
Coldwater, MI Jan 16 (available for private matches or 2 on 1 matches and custom videos with Betty Battles)

Cincinnati, OH Jan 17 & 18 (available for private matches or 2 on 1 matches and custom videos with SinD)

Louisville, KY Jan 19 (available for private matches or video work/photoshoots)

Indianapolis, IN Jan 20 (available for private matches or video work/photoshoots)

Email me directly to book me!  deposits are required for private matches (references too!)
Here is all the info regarding my private matches:
Sybil is available for the following types of matches:

Scissors only matches
Cat fighting matches (for the boys, too)
Pins wrestling
submissions vs pins wrestling matches
submission wrestling matches
fantasy type wrestling matches (with a scenario)
pro-style wrestling match (please have some training/experience)
face sit/smother matches
semi-competitive wrestling matches
competitive wrestling matches
semi-competitive boxing matches
competitive boxing matches (with opponents up to #200)
foxy fantasy boxing matches
kicking/karate matches semi competitive or fantasy
semi competitive mixed martial arts matches
competitive mixed martial arts matches with those in her weight class (115-125#)
Judo semi-competitive matches (if you are not trained in judo, you will need a 30 minute lesson from Sybil before the session begins)
$325 for 1 hour
$550 for 2 hours
more hours available at a discounted rate
Attire Sybil will wear:
bra and panty sets (full bottom)
workout clothes
shiny tights
short skirts
costumes (Pirate? Policewoman? Super hero? she's got you covered!)
Puffy Coats too!
(she wears a bikini if nothing specific is requested)
Sybil will not wear a thong and does not offer any type of nudity.
How do you arrange a match with Sybil?
e-mail her directly at
and answer these questions to see if you are compatible to combat Sybil:
What is your name?
Where are you located?
What is your height, weight and age?
What is your level of experience with fighting/wrestling/private matches?
Who else have you wrestled or had a private match with?
What type of match are you seeking?
Please mind your manners and be respectful.
Sybil is a wrestler and does not allow or tolerate sexual contact of any kind in her matches.
Sybil does not perform nude and does not wrestle topless or nude.
Sybil will not wrestle anyone who is nude.
This is not a dating service. 

kisses and scissors and wishes for the best year ever!!!! xoxoxoxo

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