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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Gifts

you may or may not know this about me, but I am a huge cheese ball for Christmas!!  I love advent and the Christmas season. . .I celebrate it as much as I can. . . and I love to gift and take time to let my friends and fans know that I love and appreciate them!!!!  I am so blessed to know you all and to have you in my life. .. so!! for Christmas this year- let's exchange Christmas Cards. . . I had a special photo shoot this year, just for the card!

so mail me a card at:
Sybil Starr
605 N. Rath
Ludington, MI 49431

and also- because I want to give more to all those people who love on me and support em through the year(s) --
order any videos from or from the December pre-sale and you can pick between
Sybil's Session with Lia (35 minute, one sided female/female domination match in skirts and pantyhose)
Santa's Beat Down (mixed wrestling match, 3 girls vs Santa- Betty Battles, Ruby Nesque and Jenn)
Christmas Surprise (100+ photo set featuring some nudity)

just email me to take advantage of any of this or if you have questions!!

Much love to each of you and have a very very Merry Christmas!!!! (or other holidays if that is your thing!)
scissors and kisses!

ps- I am setting up a day to film next week if anyone needs a POV video or mixed wrestling!! let me know- prices are the best! Because I am making wrestling great again!  LMAO

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