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Friday, July 19, 2013

HELL WEEK this may be our biggest yet!!

Hello Starr Army and friends!  Big news for Sybil Starr Productions, we are getting ready for our biggest  shoot of the year!  HELL WEEK! It is a tradition started by our company 6 years ago;  We invite some of your favorite fight/model girls in, sometimes for a day, a weekend or a week, to shoot videos and take pictures that YOU choose for us!  You can write the scripts or tell us what pictures you want us to take! Our prices are super reasonable. . or maybe you just want to be a sponsor for our shoot and get a copy of the videos we film and pictures we take, or sponsor a competitive fight between two fighters. .

The female fight girls who have confirmed so far are: Lia Labowe, Sin-D, Betty Battles, Amanda, & Dakkota.

Are there other girls we should invite?  Do you have ideas for scripts?
Please contact me directly and we can talk about it. . .  our rates are very reasonable and we accept credit cards.

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