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Monday, October 01, 2012

5 New Fantasy Fight Girls Videos! Buy or Re-Sell

 I have been working all day on getting more of our files up on so that I can re-do some of my site. . but you can use the files the same way as I do, on your site or blog to promote and sell! We pay out 40% to our affiliates! Just sign up with tradebit as an affiliate and follow the instructions for listing the products on your pages!!

or simply download these videos directly and enjoy them!!

FFGFAN082 Boxing Lia vs Sybil
 This scripted custom video was specifically filmed to "have Lia beat the crap out of Sybil." And she does. With boxing gloves and bikini's the girls go at one another, Lia is merciless in her punching and puts Sybil down to the ground over and over again. Hard boxing punches decimate Sybil. 20 minutes

 FFGFAN081 Humiliating Cat Fight In Lingerie
 Humiliating Cat Fight in Lingerie
Scarlet takes on Beth in this erotically humiliating match!  8 minutes

FFGFAN078 Kissing Game 6
Sybil has decided to finally introduce sexy little Betty to "The Kissing Game." Two girls wrestle to submit one another, who ever loses the round must lay and take her opponents kisses and caresses with out reciprocating for up to a minute! Sexy scissoring teasing with lovely ladies in pantyhose and bras. 30 minutes

FFGFAN077 Room Mate Cat Fight
 Room Mate Cat Fight Adalynn vs Payton
Payton has had enough of her terrible room mate! So she decides it's time to tell her, and show her, what's up. . she is tired of her stealing her boyfriends, and Payton plans big punishment, such as pins, scissors, and hair pulling! 

FFGFAN076 Shana Scissors Sybil

Sybil doesn't think Shana will be a challenge for her, At ALL! Little does she know what lies ahead for her while she lies between Shana's thighs. Sybil is dominated and humiliated by scissors holds and school girl pins, no matter what she does she just can't seem to escape. 14 minutes

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