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Monday, October 01, 2012

5 Fantasy Fight Girls Female Fantasy Matches

 FFGFAN Hot Tub Cat Fight
Hot Tub Cat Fight
Sybil and Keri are hanging out in the hot tub. . Sybil wants Keri to get her something and Keri is just being a stupid bitch. . so they get into a hot and wet cat fight and someone loses their top!
3 minutes

FFGFAN086 Betty Husband Stealer
Husband Stealer
Betty is sleeping with Sybil's husband. Sybil decides to confront this hussy and get her out of their lives for good! But she was unprepared for Betty's dirty tactics! In the end, Sybil is humiliated and made to worship Betty's feet, while Betty tells Sybil the way things are going to be from now on. . . 10 minutes

 FFGFAN085 Smothering Scissor Kisses

While out on the town, Sybil notices a hot girl in a short skirt. Sybil picks up Dakota at the bar and brings her home with her. Sybil cannot resist Dakota's shapely, strong legs as shown off by her mini-skirt and nylons. She asks Dakota to squeeze her over and over in scissor holds, until she can't breathe or the pain is too much and she has to submit, and then, for a reprieve they kiss and Dakota makes Sybil worship her shapely legs. At the end, Sybil turns the tables on Dakota and shows her how to truly dominate with her legs. This is a hot video, the girls have major chemistry, they are both in small skirts and nylons and they both love to squeeze and be squeezed. Full video 42 minutes

FFGFAN084 Payton vs Adalynn School Girl Pins Match
 School Girl Pin Match: Payton vs Adalynn

Payton totally outclasses Adalynn in this wrestling match where she pins down her friend time and time again.15 minutes

FFGFAN083 Cat Fighting Cat burglars
Cat fight Cat Burglars
The package has arrived and the two cat burglars have been hired to retrieve it, if they get the package?they can keep whatever is inside of it. Jasmine Tuttle and Sybil Starr cat fight for the package while wearing hot black leather coats, gloves and boots. Tons of slapping, hair pulling and down and dirty brawling. A one of a kind video you won't find anywhere else! 24 minutes

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