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Monday, June 04, 2012

Girls Fight Club, RUFF League June 16th Cincinnati, OH

Women from across the country are converging on Cincinnati, OH on June 16th in order to get their fight on! Be a part of the women's fighting revolution! RUFF League, the Real Underground Female Fight League is having it's next private, underground event in the heart of Cincinnati. . . do you want to attend as a spectator? The cost is only $25 and seating is limited! Contact me, Sybil, directly to get your invitation!

Ladies, are you interested in fighting? We invite you to try! The girls get together before their matches and decide their rules together, and a referee is used to make sure you keep each other safe and within the rules you have decided. The matches are 12 minutes long and The Winner gets $100 and the loser gets $50. In the case of a tie, each girl gets $75. You can cat fight, do MMA, Box, submission grapple, or whatever strikes your fancy! Pins and submissions! Hair pulling! Smacking. . whatever you want to try ! Girls are expected to wear two piece outfits such as work out clothes or bikinis. Or just your bras and panties! Want to get involved? Contact me, Sybil, at for more information! See you on the mats!

This event is sponsored by The Fantasy Fight Girls and Sybil Starr Productions

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