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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Starr Girls Show update

well, I have been working diligently on securing us a new venue and getting new dates that work for our wrestlers. . I have talked with Joe over at the LA Cafe here in Adrian, and they want us to run our shows there. . I am looking at doing three dates there this summer instead of just one show this spring. .  .I have to sign the contract and finalize the dates yet, but currently I am looking at doing shows in May, July and September! Please stay informed, I should have all the dates finalized in the next two weeks! I am sorry we can't run at the Hope Center, but they are just doing their best with what they have and whatever ideas they have in their minds. . the same as the rest of us. . .the Starr Girls will use this to springboard themselves into an even higher place. . No worries. .


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