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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hot Fight Girl News

Hot Girl Fight News!

Sybil Starr Productions has upped the ante again!
Check out our new agency listing:

Newest Fantasy Fight Girl listed:
and Safa is doing private matches in Adrian on February 27-Feb 29th
contact Sybil to book your time with Safa!

Starr Girls news!
We went from doing a one night stand in Feb (that got cancelled!) to doing a three show series over this summer (and we might even add another date to it!)
May 12
July 21
September 15th!

We have added new girls to our management roster, Jenn for private matches, she is in the Philadelphia area, and Veronica Kruze here in Michigan, who is a personal trainer who works out 6 days a week and has an amazing body. . . has gotten a bit of an overhaul and new videos and pictures have been added! 

Don't forget, we update every week! Don't miss out on the new mixed wrestling matches with Safa Warda or the new cat fights with Jenn, Iridal, Ruby and Betty. launches soon. . . . .
any thing more you would like to see?  or any questions you might have?  please contact Sybil

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