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Friday, December 02, 2011

Fantasy Fight Updates!

Fantasy Fight
December 2, 2011 Updates

New Female Fantasy Fight Videos:
Lia Tries Tae Kwon Do
Smother Assassin 3

New Mixed Fighting Videos:
Sybil vs Van
Theif Belly Beating

New Photosets:
Lia Glamour Photos

New Fantasy Fight Girl

Wrestle Two Fight Girls for $300/hr or 4 Fight Girls for $500/hr!  Your very own private wrestlefest!
Take on Sin-D, Payton Lapain, Betty Battles, Ruby Nesque or Sybil Starr.
First Stop for the month of December is Cincinnati, OH December 3-4

Next trip is a big wrestling road trip, where the wrestle fun doesn't stop!  Are you in any of these areas?
Pittsburgh, PA December 7th
NYC, New York, December 8-10
Philadelphia, PA December 11-12
DC December 12
Cleveland, OH December 13th
Detroit, MI December 15th

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